What comes to your mind when you hear the wordtwins”? Born on the same day? Looking almost the same? Or having the same hobbies? Well, I have a twin brother who was born on a different day from me. We do not look very much alike and we are always interested in different things.

Twelve years ago, my brother, Wayne, was born at eleven fifty-eight on the night of May 28. Five minutes later, I was bornon May 29. Since the time we were born, I have always been heavier and stronger than Wayne, so people usually think I am the older brother.

But Wayne is always smarter than I. He loves reading and learns many things quickly. He knows a lot about animals, although he does not spend much time with our dogs and birds. He knows a lot about bicycles, but never likes to ride bikes as much as I do.

Though we are very different, I love my brother very much. I hope both of us can have a happy life in the future.

twins 雙胞胎
alike 相像
Which is most likely the picture of the twins in the reading?
most likely 最有可能
What do we know about the twins?
They are twelve years old.
They were born on the same day.
They have the same interests.
They both want to be teachers in the future.
Which is true about the writer?
He does not enjoy riding a bicycle.
He is the older one of the twins.
He does not like to stay with his brother.
He has several pets.