Dear May,

I know you are still angry, but please listen to me.

When Mom asked you not to play computer games all day long, what did you do? In a loud voice, you told her you were doing your computer homework. Then you slammed your room door and refused to talk to her.

You don't understand how much you have hurt her. I think she is waiting for you to say you are sorry. If you don't feel comfortable doing so, why don't you just say something likeGood morning”? If you can say anything, it will make your mom feel better. I know you love her, and I hope things can go well between the two of you.



slam 用力關上
refuse 拒絕
Why was May angry?
She got hurt when she slammed the door.
Her mother spoke to her in a loud voice.
Her father refused to talk to her.
She was told to stop playing computer games.
What does May’s father ask her to do in the letter?
To do her homework carefully.
To talk to her mother.
To study harder.
To get up earlier.