Dear Luke,

My daughter Angela is very quiet. She seldom talks to us, and she does not have any friends. What’s worse, she is not interested in studying. All she does every day is watch TV and play computer games. I have told her hundreds of times that she should study hard, but she does not listen to me. What should I do?


Dear Tim,

The problem with Angela is not that she does not study, but that she does not talk to people. If she can make some friends, her life will be more interesting.

Perhaps Angela has had this problem for a long time. It won’t be solved soon. You should spend more time with her and help her. This is the homework both you and your daughter need to do!


solve 解決
According to Luke, which will help solve Angela's problem?
according to 根據
Meeting more people.
Watching less TV.
Studying harder.
Doing more exercise.
What doeshomeworkmean in Luke’s letter?
Something that children always forget to do.
Something that makes reading interesting.
Work that teachers ask students to do at home.
Work that needs to be done in the family.