It is 8:00 at night, and Amy Bronte is usually home by now. But she isn’t. Her father is very worried about her. He has called everyone who may know where Amy is. Below is what Mr. Bronte has heard on the phone.

Uma, Amy’s teacher: I saw her walking with Pam after school. It was about four thirty in the afternoon.

Pam, Amy’s classmate: “Amy was with me on my way home, and she said she was going to see her boyfriend. I got home at five.

Tony, who lives next door: I saw Amy carrying some food just half an hour ago. She was with a red-haired boy. They were in a hurry, talking about buying tickets or something.

Peter, the shopkeeper: “Amy? She bought some snacks and drinks around seven in the evening. With a red-haired boy called... Ray.

Rachel, Ray’s sister: Ray? Ray went out to meet his girlfriend. They were going to a party in the park next to Best Buy Supermarket. The party started at eight, I think.

Now Mr. Bronte knows what happened. He is angry and waits for Amy to come home.

Where does Mr. Bronte think Amy is now?
In a supermarket.
In a park.
At a snack shop.
At Pam’s house.
What do we know from the reading?
Amy usually gets home late.
Amy left school at noon.
Mr. Bronte went out to find Amy.
Amy is with a friend.
Who did NOT see Amy today?