Kelly: Have you read the news about the Ciné Prize nominations?

Eunice: Yeah. I can’t believe Took Off got the most nominations. It’s not that good.

Kelly: Please! It’s the best movie of the year! The actors are great, and the story is wonderful. Tony Baker is so great in it! I believe he will finally win the Best Actor this time.

Eunice: Well, I like Hugh Wayne better. He’s so cute in Morning Star.

Kelly: He’s lucky enough to get the nomination. But a pretty face can only get him so far.

Eunice: At least Morning Star is selling more tickets than Took Off!

Kelly: OK. Let’s not talk about Wayne. Who do you think will win the Best Actress?

Eunice: Julia Adams, that’s for sure! She’s really the star in Roses. Even Laura Harper does not shine as much. Before this movie, I thought no one else was better than Laura.

Kelly: I’m glad we’re on the same page about this. Many people think Julia does very well in Roses, and she has become the talk of the Internet these days. I’m sure she’ll be the winner!

nomination 提名
What can we learn from the reading?
Kelly likes the story of Morning Star.
Eunice has seen Laura Harper’s other movies before Roses.
Eunice is surprised that Morning Star is selling more tickets than Took Off.
Kelly thinks Hugh Wayne will win the Best Actor.
Which is said in the reading?
Morning Star is Hugh Wayne’s first movie.
Laura Harper has won the Best Actress more than once.
Julia Adams is noticed for her acting in Roses.
Took Off has already won Tony Baker many prizes.
What does we’re on the same page about this mean in the reading?
Kelly and Eunice are both excited about the Ciné Prize nominations.
Kelly and Eunice both agree who will win the Best Actress.
Kelly and Eunice are both reading news about Roses on the Internet.
Kelly and Eunice both read the book Roses before it was made into a movie.