When you hear birds singing, do you want to sing with them? When the light wind blows, can you feel its friendly touch on your face? Are you excited to see the first little flower in the early spring?

Nature can color our everyday lives with lovely surprises. All we have to do is get close to it and feel it from our heart. If we find some time to enjoy the simple, easy moments under the clear sky, along the quiet river, or just in the park near our houses, we can feel many wonderful things out there.

Why not get away from your busy work and take a rest in Mother Nature’s arms? Sing to Nature’s music, dance with the wind, and look for the magic of life.

You’ll find the gift Nature has prepared for you.

What is the writer trying to say about Nature?
It gives us ideas for writing.
It is badly hurt by us.
It is hard to understand.
It gives us lots of joy.
Which experience is NOT said in the reading?
Feeling the wind’s touch.
Singing with birds.
Seeing the first spring flower.
Fishing in the river.