If you sail between Hawaii and California, you’ll find a big part of the ocean, as big as Africa, covered with garbage. Most of the trash comes from the land, by wind or by water, and some is thrown straight into the sea. Most of the trash is plastic: plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic cans, and a lot more.

1? Some just stays in the sea, some is washed onto the beaches, and, worst of all, some 2. Many seabirds and sea animals that eat the trash in the sea die. Those that are lucky enough to live on may someday arrive on our dinner plate. What we throw away will all 3 one way or another.

Keep in mind what happens to trash, and you may think twice before you throw anything away.

ocean 海洋
Where does the trash go
How do we deal with the trash
Where does the trash come from
How does the trash arrive in the sea
goes down to the bottom of the sea and never comes up
enters seabirds’ and sea animals’ stomachs
stops seabirds and sea animals from growing up
fills the living space of seabirds and sea animals
be useful to others
come back to us
be cleared up
get out of our sight