Below is how four students answered their teacher’s question in class.

Lily: I like shopping and talking to people. I think I can learn how to do business. Maybe selling clothes is a good business for me.

Ryan: My hobbies are playing computer games and making friends online. We often share our funny stories by e-mail. I guess I will learn more about computers and make super-smart computer programs.

Bill: My parents have kept lots of pets since I was little. We’ve experienced many things together, good and bad, happy and sad. Those stories have always stayed in my mind. One day, I will share them with people by drawing and writing books.

Anna: Though my mom and two sisters are all doctors, I’m sure I will stay as far away from a hospital as I can. I hate being sick, and I’m afraid of seeing sick people looking weak and sad. I’ll keep strong by playing my favorite sport, tennis, every day. One day I’ll join the national team and be another Lu Yen-Hsun.

What question did the teacher most likely ask in class?
What’s your favorite thing to do with your family?”
What do you want to do in the future?”
What’s your plan for the coming vacation?”
What do you like to talk about with your friends?”
What do we know from the reading?
Anna was once very sick and stayed in the hospital for a long time.
Lily is good at making clothes.
One of Bill’s parents is an animal doctor.
Ryan enjoys meeting people on the Internet.
What does them mean?