Alec: So, what do you think about it?

Ellie: It’sinteresting.

Alec: Oh, no, don’t say that.

Ellie: The first thing you should know about Olivia is that she’s scared of anything with six legs. I don’t think she’ll be able to walk past the gate of Buzzing World.

Alec: But she loves butterflies! Well, she loved the photos of butterflies I took last time I was there.

Ellie: Only when they’re not moving.

Alec: Fine. I’ll just take her somewhere else, and that’d be OK. Right?

Ellie: Umm, you’re taking her to Wavelength for dinner?

Alec: What’s wrong with that?!

Ellie: I wouldn’t say a dead fish is really her idea of a nice dinner, and this restaurant sells seafood

Alec: Now you’re wrong about this one. She loved my mom’s fish balls. She had several last time!

Ellie: OK, let’s ask someone else. Oh, there’s Lori. Hey, Lori, could you look at Alec’s plan? He’s taking Olivia out.

Lori: Wow! Everything’s written down on paper! Hmmm… I thought you wanted her to be your girlfriend.

Alec: I do!

Lori: If you follow this plan, I’m sure it’ll be your only date with her.

seafood 海鮮
What does it in the first line mean?
Anything with six legs.
Alec’s butterfly photo.
The gate of Buzzing World.
Alec’s plan for his date.
What does this one mean in the dialogue?
Why Olivia does not like seafood.
What Alec thinks about Wavelength.
What food Wavelength sells.
What food Olivia does not like to eat.
What can we learn about Alec?
He was told that Olivia likes nice surprises.
He decided to cook Olivia a nice seafood dinner.
He gave up the idea of taking Olivia to Buzzing World.
He was happy that Olivia was finally his girlfriend.
Emily is a friend of Olivia’s. If she agrees with Lori, what would she most likely say to Alec?
likely 可能
You never know what a girl like Olivia would want.
This is just what Olivia would want!”
She never cares what she does on a date; she cares who she has a date with.
Make a different plan or have a date with a different girl!”