It was 11 p.m. and Molly walked out of her bakery. She turned and looked at her store one last time. She wanted to remember what it 1 at the moment. A few hours later, people would come and clean out everything in the store. A young man had bought it. He 2 it into a flower shop.

Before it was a bakery, this place 3 a small coffee shop. Molly worked in the shop as a waitress. But taking orders was never Molly’s dream; baking was. When she knew her boss planned to sell the shop, she borrowed money and bought it.

Her bakery had been open for thirty years. Thirty very wonderful years. However, it would all come to an end tonight. Molly 4 the bakery to be a family business. But her daughter was never interested in baking. Molly did not want her business in a stranger’s hands, so after some serious thinking, she decided to close it.

Goodbye, my dear old friend,” Molly looked at the store, whispering.

whisper 低語
looked like
would look like
has looked like
had looked like
was going to change
had changed
has changed
has been
used to be
would be
will want
had wanted
would want
has wanted