What kind of place do you usually choose to stay for the night during a trip? Expensive hotels that may make you feel like you don’t get what you pay for? Or cheap hostels that put you and five other strangers in the same bedroom? If both choices sound terrible to you, here’s something new: holiday apartments.

In a holiday apartment, you have more space than what a hotel room can give you. Everything in the apartment is at your disposal. The living room, the kitchen, the study, and, of course, the bedrooms are all for your own use. Some apartments even have a lovely garden or a game room. You’ll feel at home in the holiday apartment. The best thing is, a holiday apartment is not expensive. The price for a holiday apartment is for two people, and the apartment is often cheaper than a hotel room for two. You only need to pay a little more for a third or fourth person. If you travel with friends or your family, a holiday apartment will be your best choice!

hostel (提供廉價食宿的)旅舍
What is the reading mostly about?
Why one should choose a holiday apartment.
How one can change their house into a holiday apartment.
How to choose a nice holiday apartment.
Where to find a nice holiday apartment.
From the reading, what can we learn about holiday apartments?
They are good for people who like to take one-day trips.
They are good for people who like to spend their holidays in the country.
They are good for people who travel in a group of three or more.
They are good for people who want to make new friends when traveling.
What does it mean to say that something is at your disposal?
You can find it everywhere.
You know everything about it.
You can buy it at a lower price.
You are free to use it.