Pearl, Joyce, and Steven are students in summer school. Mr. Green, Miss Chen, and Miss White are their teachers. Look at the poster of their summer school and answer the questions.

sunshine 陽光

Mr. Green: Hi, Pearl. It's time to go to the gym. What do you want to do during the free time?

Pearl: Well, I'm not going to play any ball games. My finger got hurt last time I played softball.

According to the poster, what can Pearl do in the free time?
Play computer games.
Go dancing.
Play softball.
Go swimming.

Miss Chen: Do you want to tell your friends what's happening in summer school?

Joyce: Now? But there's no telephone here.

Miss Chen: You can send them e-mails. Here, I'll show you.

According to the poster, where are Miss Chen and Joyce?
At the beach.
In the theater.
In Room 101.
In the gym.

Miss White: Look at the beautiful sea! Steven, come here! Give me your hand.

Steven: No, I'm afraid of water.

Miss White: Don't worry. I'll be with you all the time. The beach is safe and clean. You'll feel comfortable in the cool water.

According to the poster, when does this dialogue happen?
During the free time.
During the bath time.
In the bird watching class.
In the swimming class.