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accessories, analyst, descendant, equivalent, mounted, pledge, reverse, sprawl, staple, thrilled

This Car Changed America

A look at Ford's Model T, which debuted 100 years ago

source: Wall Street Journal

福特汽車 Model T 改造了美國

One could start a lively debate among historians about which car is the second most influential in American history. Perhaps the Chevy Corvair, which launched Ralph Nader, the consumer movement and the litigation explosion? Or the Volkswagen Beetle, the official car of the 1960s counter-culture? Or maybe the Toyota Prius, which might lead to cars powered by electricity and fuel cells?

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 consumer第四級[名詞] 消費者;消耗者
 counter第四級[形容詞] 相反的;反對的;對立的; [動詞] 反對;反擊; [副詞] 反方向地,相反地; [名詞] 櫃臺
 explosion第四級[名詞] 爆發;爆炸
 fuel第四級[動詞] 加燃料;加油; [名詞] 燃料
 influential第四級[形容詞] 有影響的
 launched第四級launch(發射;開始) 的過去式及過去分詞
 lead第四級[動詞] 引導; [名詞] 指導;領先地位;線索,鉛筆心