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(Don’t) Show Him the Money

by Barry LeBrock
July 12, 2009

source: Los Angeles Times

圖: Pitching phenom Gerrit Cole’s choice was UCLA’s gain…and MLB’s loss

Fastball, changeup or curve? Inside or outside, high or low? Slide step or full leg kick? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of variables a pitcher considers over the course of a nine-inning game. Decisions, decisions.

For UCLA’s Gerrit Cole, one particular decisionmade with consideration, due diligence and enough counsel to satisfy any strategic thinker—has come to define who he is as a baseball player. Selected in the first round of the 2008 Major League draft, Cole was in a position to start his professional career with a seven-figure signing bonus and fulfill his childhood dream of playing for the New York Yankees.

But he said no.

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 bonus第五級[名詞] 獎金;額外津貼;分紅
 career第四級[名詞] 職業;生涯;歷程
 counsel第五級[動詞] 忠告;提議; [名詞] 商議;忠告;法律顧問
 curve第四級[動詞] 使彎曲;使成曲線; [名詞] 曲線
 diligence第四級[名詞] 勤勉;勤奮
 draft第四級[動詞] 起草;設計; [名詞] 草稿;徵兵;通風
 fulfill第四級[動詞] 履行(諾言等)
 league第五級[動詞] 使結盟;使聯合; [名詞] 同盟,聯盟
 pitcher第六級[名詞] 大水罐;一壺的量;投手
 professional第四級[形容詞] 職業性的; [名詞] 專家,內行
 strategic第六級[形容詞] 戰略的
 variables第六級variable(可變物;可變因素) 的複數