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Elsa: What does your cousin do?

Paul: She is a      and she works in her shoe store for twelve hours every day.


Simon: Why      Jerry and Lisa play cards with us?

Henry: Because they want to go to the movies.

The calendar shows the month of February. Which sentence is not true?
calendar 月曆
The month has 29 days.
The 10th is a Friday.
The second Saturday is the 18th.
The first Sunday is the 5th.
My older brother works at night      a gas station.
That singer is     ; almost everyone has heard of her.
I can't wait to fly my new kite.      I finish practicing the piano, I'm going to the park.
As soon as
Since then
So far
Jasmine is the daughter of the king and queen, so everyone calls her a     .
Have you been to the supermarket     ?
in an hour
two days ago
I have to catch the bus right now,      I'll miss my brother's birthday party.
Karen began collecting toy cars at the age of nine. Since then, she has spent lots of time and money on this     .

Rose: It's time to go to bed. You have to get up early tomorrow,     ?

Nina: Yes, my class is going hiking tomorrow.

don't you
aren't you
can't you
haven't you
It has been raining      today.
any day
one day
most days
most of the day
The more we study, the more      answers we'll have.
You've studied English for a long time,     ?
didn't you
did you
haven't you
have you

Maria: Mom, how many      do I have?

Maria's mother: I have a brother and your father has two, so all together you have three.

Fred has a      for languages. He can speak Japanese, French and Russian.

Ally: What happened to your     ?

John: Nothing. It always looks terrible after I go swimming.

Ally: Well, I think it will look better if you wear a hat.

What does IT in picture 7 mean?
Rule 22 is easy to follow.
Flying airplanes is dangerous.
The soldier has become crazy.
Anyone can die at any time.
What can we learn from the comics?
The use of “catch-22” appeared before Joseph Heller’s book.
The soldier went to ask the doctor about Rule 22.
The doctor tried several ways to help the soldier.
The soldier cared about his life more than his job.
From the comics, which is most likely an example of “catch-22”?
likely 可能
I want to go out with Jennifer on New Year’s Day, but I’m not sure whether she wants to go out with me that day.
I need some special experience to get this job, but I can’t get this kind of experience except from this job.
I need to go to hospital, but there are no hospitals near my house.
I need my key to open the door of my house, but I left my key at school.

Words from readers

I couldn’t put the book down after I read some pages at my friend’s home. I borrowed it and read it over that night. I think it can help someone who is afraid to face family problems. — Sam Lee

The book saved my life. It opened a door that led me into a world of true love. I was able to look at the world around me with fresh new eyes.Candy Vigor

The first part of the book really touched my heart and made me want to read on. However, I was getting bored when I came to the second part. In fact, I didn’t finish the book.Rod Green

The book helped me forget about my worries. I laughed and cried with those people in the book. With its simple and clear language, people of all ages can enjoy it. — Vivian Lu

Which is NOT said about the book in the reading?
It is cheaper now.
It tells a true story.
A reader thinks it is easy to understand.
A reader thinks its second part is boring.
What can readers most likely learn from the book?
likely 可能
A new way of seeing the world.
How to be a comic writer.
How to buy a book on the Internet.
A smart way to face work problems.

Before I was twelve years old, my family lived in the mountains. Our house was very far from my school. It took me one hour to walk to school every morning. It was a happy time for me, because I could 23, and we would go to school together. There were just six classes in my school, and only about ten students in each class. We 24; the mountains were our playground. I still remember the different kinds of flowers, the songs of different birds, and the colors of trees in different seasonseverything was so 25. Even now I still miss my life in the mountains.

far 遙遠
exercise under the trees
sing loudly to myself
meet friends on the way
play in the cool mountain springs
went shopping together after school
spent most of our time playing
had to study at school until very late
played computer games all day long
interesting and beautiful
fast and busy
cheap and common
modern and convenient
When it arrives,
Everyone cheers.
The shirts and shorts dance
On the clothesline,
The trees and flowers wave
Like they’re saying hi,
And the clouds are so excited
To have a running race.

When it comes,
Dad’s face falls.
His coat and jeans jump
Off the clothesline
Into the pond.
The tree leaves hop off
And have a party on his new car.

When it gets here,
A lot of fun things I notice:
The pond’s face,
Sad and old with lines;
Mrs. Smith’s bread,
Delicious and freshly baked.
But what smell is it?
Oh, no, it’s from Mr. Brown’s feet!
leaf (leaves) 葉子
What is it in the reading?
The rain.
The wind.
The rainbow.
The sun.
How does Dad feelwhen it comes”?
He is excited.
He is scared.
He is not interested.
He is not happy.
branch 分店
Italy, Italian 義大利 (的)
contact 聯絡
What does the wordassistantmean in the ad?
ad 廣告
A kind of vegetable for making pizza.
A famous pizza restaurant in Italy.
An opportunity to learn making pizza.
A person who helps make pizza.
What can we learn about Puccini Pizza from the ad?
It gives lessons to anyone who is interested in making pizza.
It helps people open their own pizza stores.
It is going to have a new store in Taichung.
It will buy an Italian restaurant as its branch store.

Alice: Hi, Jerry, I heard you had fun with Peggy in Merry Park yesterday.

Jerry: Yes. We had a great time there. Why didn’t you come with us? We got there by bus in only ten minutes.

Alice: I know, but the ticket is more expensive on the weekend. Also, I’ve been there many times since it opened five years ago. Did you try the Dandelion Seat there? It’s so popular that people have to wait for over an hour to get a ride.

Jerry: You mean those flower-like umbrellas that fly high in the sky?

Alice: Yes. I enjoyed riding on the Dandelion Seat and looking over the city. It was a great experience.

Jerry: Eh... I liked taking the train to get around the park better. I don’t think it’s fun to ride in the air. I’d feel like I could fall down any time.

Alice: Maybe you would like it more at night. It’s wonderful to see the beautiful lights below your feet.

Jerry: Well . . . I’m afraid of high places.

Alice: Oh, I see. That’s too bad.

What can we learn about Merry Park?
It is newly opened.
It has the same ticket price every day.
It is across from Jerry’s house.
It is also open at night.
What may the Dandelion Seat look like?
Which is NOT true?
Alice went to Merry Park before.
Jerry enjoyed going around Merry Park by train.
Jerry and Peggy went to Merry Park on the weekend.
Jerry would like to try the Dandelion Seat next time.

Jim Webb   Oct. 16, 1987

Over the years, the number of whales has dropped sharply. From 1946 to 1986, about 340,000 whales were killed. People worry that children in the future can only see whales in pictures. They believe all kinds of whaling (whale hunting) should be stopped before it’s too late.

Some people are trying to stop whaling all over the world. But they fail to notice one fact: Whaling was going on for a long time before the number of whales went down and became a problem.

Whaling started as early as 1,500 years ago. This was how tribespeople fed their families. They hunted whales for meat because almost nothing could grow on their land. They also made whale fat into oil and used it to make candles or oil lamps. Over the years, whaling became their way of living, and even part of who they are.

Tribe whaling is not the thing we should worry about. Of all the whales that were killed over the past forty years, only 10% were hunted by tribespeople. The other 90% died at the hands of the money-making whaling business. When we try to stop all kinds of whaling, we should think what we are asking tribespeople to give up and whether this is the best answer to the problem of whaling.

tribe 部落
fat 脂肪

Below are the writer's points in the reading:
   a. Whether we should stop tribespeople whaling
   b. The problem of whaling
   c. Whaling as a way of life
In what order does the writer talk about his points?

order 順序
c → b → a.
a → c → b.
c → a → b.
b → c → a.
Which idea may the writer agree with?
Tribespeople’s way of living is as important as animal lives.
We should not worry about the number of whales.
Working with the whaling business can make tribespeople’s lives better.
We should stop all kinds of whale hunting.
What can we learn from the reading?
Whaling helped tribespeople’s lives in different ways.
Tribespeople believe whales bring good luck.
Whaling was not a problem until 1,500 years ago.
Tribespeople become rich by selling whale oil.

Tai-shen wanted to write a report about Teacher Wang. These are the questions he asked Teacher Wang.

  1. What do you like best about being a teacher?
  2. What do you like least about being a teacher?
  3. What part of being a teacher keeps you busiest every day?
  4. Can you tell me about your family?
  5. What do you do on weekends?
  6. What is your favorite food?
report 報告
Which answer might Teacher Wang give for Question 1?
Going home late every evening.
Being around the students.
Writing on the blackboard.
Cleaning the classroom.
Which answer might Teacher Wang give for Question 4?
I love my family very much.
I like to go to the church with my family.
I am married with two children.
My family is having dinner.
pick up 接送
experienced 經驗豐富的
What is Little Rabbit?
An elementary school.
A children's library.
A children's zoo.
A children's learning center.
Look at the map. Where is Little Rabbit?
logo 標誌
Which is the best logo for the Big Dream Summer Camp?
Sally, a junior high school student, would like to go to the Big Dream Summer Camp. But she has to take math and English classes from July 10 to 31, and her parents will take her for a trip on August 12. Which camp could Sally join?
Camp 1.
Camp 2.
Camp 4.
Camp 3.

Usually I wouldn’t cross the park at this time of night. But walking around the park would take more time, and it was raining so hard that I couldn’t even see clearly what was right before me. So I entered the park. And that was the first stupid thing I did tonight.

Soon after I walked into the park, I saw a man under a tree up ahead. My heart fell. The stories I’d heard about the park 42 into my head at this moment. Anyone with a clear mind would just turn back. But me? No. I did 43 stupid thing: I decided to hurry past him.

Just when I was passing the man, he raised his head and gave me the strangest smile ever. I got scared and started running.Hey!” the man shouted from behind.Wait!” He was running after me!

I ran like crazy. I had hoped the trees would keep some rain off. And they 44 . But they also made the park look even darker. I couldn’t see what was ahead of me. Then, I ran into something. It was the man!

Don’t kill me!” I cried.

What? I 45 to give back your bag! You dropped it,” the man gave me my bag.

Now, I felt saying that to the man was the stupidest thing I did tonight.

ahead 在前面
are all coming
were all coming
would all come
have all come
the last
the other
was trying
will try
would try

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