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Mr. Adams works from six in the evening to three in the morning, so he cannot see his daughter Cindy very often. He sometimes writes letters to her. Here is a letter he wrote.

Dear Cindy,

I know you like chatting on the Internet. But many people don't use their real names on the Internet. Some of them even make up stories about themselves. Your Internet friends may be very different from what you think they are. So it could be dangerous for you to go out with them. If, in the future, any of your Internet friends ask you to meet with them, you are welcome to invite them to have dinner with us in our house.

Your mom and I have been very busy these days. We really should spend more time together. How about if we go to Kenting next weekend?



chat 聊天
make up 捏造
invite 邀請
What is the main reason that Mr. Adams wrote this letter?
main reason 主要原因
To tell Cindy why he has been so busy these days.
To ask Cindy not to get on the Internet.
To invite Cindy's friends to have dinner at home.
To tell Cindy to be careful about people she meets on the Internet.
Which is true about Mr. Adams?
He is thinking about taking a trip with his family.
He thinks that computers are very useful for students.
He knows nothing about the Internet.
He usually spends the evening with Cindy.