Help 國中基測 題組練習

Andrew: Good morning, may I help you?

Gordon: I'd like to buy some milk.

Andrew: O.K. 1. Which one would you like?

Gordon: I'm not sure. 2?

Andrew: Well, some kinds are for children, some are for women, and some are for old people.

Gordon: I see. It's for my daughter. She's three years old.

Andrew: Then these two are popular brands, but 3.

Gordon: Oh? Is Angel Face really better than Super Star?

Andrew: Well, their prices are different because Angel Face is a foreign brand, and Super Star is made in Taiwan.

There are two supermarkets near here
I have three daughters
We have coffee, tea, and coke
We have many brands
What's the difference
Do people buy milk for their family
Why do people drink milk
How much money do you have
Super Star is more popular than Angel Face
Angel Face and Super Star have the same price
Angel Face is more expensive than Super Star
both Angel Face and Super Star are from New Zealand