Help 國中基測 題組練習

Every day I go to many places and meet different people. Some of them are nice and polite. They sayPleaseandThank youto me. Some tell me about their family and jobs. I have made several friends and learned a lot from these people.

But I am not always so lucky. Some people leave their garbage after they eat and drink in my car. Some people are noisy, so I cannot concentrate. Some people are “back-seat drivers.They never stop telling meTurn right!” “Turn left!” “Stop!” “Drive faster!” Sometimes more than four people want to get into my car at a time, but it is illegal!

leave 留下
noisy 吵雜的
What is most likely the writer's job?
most likely 最有可能
writer 作者
A businessman.
An office clerk.
A taxi driver.
A street vendor.
Why does the writer enjoy her/his job?
She/He can eat and drink in her/his car.
People help take away garbage.
She/He likes to meet people.
There are a lot of back-seat drivers.