Help 國中基測 題組練習

Dr. Swan: Hello, Lynn. How can I help you?

Lynn: I was hit in the mouth when I was playing basketball.

Dr. Swan: Oh, that’s too bad! Let me check. Now, open your mouth, please.

(Lynn opens her mouth.)

Dr. Swan: Wellyou’re lucky. I need to work on only two teeth. I’ll fill them first and then give you some medicine to take after meals. Is that OK with you?

Lynn: Much more than OK! I thought they would have to be taken out. But can I eat anything after you do it? I have a date at seven o’clock tonight.

Dr. Swan: Don’t worry. You can have soft food after 30 minutes, and then anything after four hours.

Lynn: Thank you so much. Dr. Swan.

Dr. Swan: No problem! Be careful next time you are playing sports!

soft 軟的
Which is NOT true about Lynn?
Her teeth got hit when she was playing basketball.
Two of her teeth need fixing.
She needs to take medicine for her teeth.
She should stay away from food until tomorrow.
What does it mean?
Filling the teeth.
Taking the teeth out.
Checking the teeth.
Brushing the teeth.