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During the past one hundred years, there have been many inventions that make our life much easier and more interesting. TV is one of them. Many people enjoy watching TV for fun. Some even believe that TV has made their children smarter because there are all kinds of information on itnews, science, sports, music, and language. Children can learn a lot from TV in a short time without going out. Many parents are happy about this because they themselves are too busy to spend time with their children.

But we have found that more and more children today have problems with reading, thinking, and concentrating even though they have watched a lot of TV. In fact, getting much information from TV does not mean real learning. Children who watch too much TV do not have enough time to think or to communicate with people. Besides, it takes time and love for children to grow up. What children need most is their parents. Parents give children love, and help them solve problems in the right way. We should teach our children what real life is without TV. After all, machines should not be more important than people.

smart 聰明的
information 資訊
even though 即使
What does "this" mean in the first paragraph?
paragraph 段落
Doing well on school tests.
Learning quickly from TV.
Spending time with children.
Watching TV to relax.
What does the writer think of TV?
It gives useful tips for becoming better parents.
It does not give enough information to people today.
It is the most important invention of the past one hundred years.
It takes away children's opportunity to think.
What can we conclude from the reading?
conclude 下結論
Watching TV is a good way for children to understand real life.
Children should learn more from their parents than from TV.
People in the future will enjoy more new inventions.
Students who watch TV are smarter than students who do not.