Help 國中基測 題組練習


  • The school restaurant is closed during the summer school (7/4~7/31). Please bring your own lunch. If you need to order lunch, please tell your class leader the day before.
  • Dancing shoes can be borrowed with your summer school card. Please find Mr. Shum in Room 117.
  • During the third week, the gym will be used for the High School Ball Games. Please go to the playground for the basketball classes of the week.
schedule 課表
What do we know from the notice?
The summer school is three weeks long.
There are basketball classes in the gym every week except the third week.
Students can order lunch from the school restaurant.
Those who need to borrow dancing shoes must tell Mr. Shum the day before.
Below is what Tina told her friends about the classes in her summer school schedule.

Mr. Reed was really crazy to give us so many new words at one time. Who can possibly remember all of them in a night? In our art class, when Ms. Grant asked us to draw a picture, I just drew a mad me looking at Mr. Reed. But then I totally forgot about Mr. Reed after two hours of PE classes in the afternoon. I was just too tired to think! Luckily, there was no computer class today to make it a really bad day.

Which day was Tina talking about?