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Oscar: It's raining heavily. 1 . What should we do, Henry?

Henry: How about watching TV? There are usually some good programs on weekends. Let's take a look at today's TV schedule.

Oscar: Hey, Superman II will be showing on Home Movies at 8:30. It's a great movie.

Henry: 2. I want to watch Smart Kids. Superman movies are all very old.

Oscar: OK, OK. We'll watch Smart Kids first. But after that, I want to see 3 on Home Movies.

Henry: What time will it end?

Oscar: At about 12:00.

Henry: Then we can watch Shopping Time (1) and (2) on STV-2.

Oscar: You can if you want to, but 4. I think I'll just play my computer games then.

schedule 節目表
We can't go to the playground
We can't stay at home
We should do our homework
We should go swimming
I don't think so
I like it, too
Good idea
No problem
Lucky the Dog
Summer Days
The Best Thing
I'll watch that program at 12:10
I'm not interested in shopping
I have to do my homework now
I don't want to go out today