Help 國中基測 題組練習

One hot summer afternoon, a rabbit went down to a river to drink some water. He saw himself in the river when he was drinking.

Look at my beautiful long ears!” the rabbit said to himself.I’m so proud of them. But my legs! They’re short and make me look stupid.

When the rabbit finished drinking, he raised his head and found a tiger was jumping on him. With his short legs, the rabbit began to run as fast as the wind. The tiger could not catch up with him.

I’m so lucky.said the rabbit happily when he stopped running. Five minutes later, the tiger appeared again. Just at the moment when the rabbit saw the tiger, the tiger caught him by his long ears. That was the end of the rabbit.

imply 隱喻; 暗示
Which idea is NOT implied in the reading?
Ask others’ ideas before taking any action.
People often fail to understand what may be important.
Beautiful things may bring trouble.
Even things we do not like can be useful.
What do we know from the story?
The tiger caught the rabbit’s tail in the end.
The tiger was proud of running fast.
The rabbit was finally killed in his sleep.
The rabbit was able to run away the first time.