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Jonathan wrote a letter to The ABC Cookie Company. Read his letter and answer the questions.

1234 Elvis Road
Memphis, Tennessee 38141
August 21, 2006

The ABC Cookie Company
5000 Elm Street
Los Angeles, California 90010

Dear Cookie Makers:

I've always enjoyed your Dark Chocolate cookies. I buy them all the time. I bought one box last week and the cookies inside had all broken apart. I had to use a spoon to eat them. I hope you will look into this matter. Thank you very much.


Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith

company 公司
broken apart 碎掉了
Where does Jonathan live?
At Tennessee.
In Tennessee.
At California.
In California.
What did Jonathan mean by this matter?
The cookies had broken apart.
Jonathan buy the Dark Chocolate cookies all the time.
Jonathan is angry at the company.
The company will not write back to Jonathan.