Help 國中基測 題組練習

The grizzly is the star of our little town in the mountains. Many people visit here for this kind of strong large brown bear. When a grizzly grows up, it may become as heavy as 680 kg. But never think this gigantic animal moves slowly. In fact, the grizzly can run as fast as 55 km an hour.

Though grizzlies look quite big and dangerous, they eat not only meat, but also flowers and grasses. Fish is their favorite food. On summer nights, they enjoy catching fish in the rivers. That is why people usually come watching grizzlies in this season.

Now the number of grizzlies is getting smaller because they have been killed by people who sell grizzly body parts as medicine. Many people of our town are worried about this and have asked for help to save our big friends.

Which is true about grizzlies?
They have brown hair.
They sleep most of the time in summer.
They eat only meat and fish.
They are slow in moving.
What does gigantic mean?
Big and strong.
Round and cute.
Fast and light.
Quiet and shy.
What does this mean?
The fish in the rivers are getting fewer.
Grizzlies have started to leave the town for other places.
Many grizzlies are killed for their body parts.
People in the town are free to sell medicine.