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Ryan Kim  7/15/2013

Guesses about Carolyn Cole have been flying around since last week, and now things have taken a new turn.

Last week Carolyn Cole won the Inscriber Prize, the country’s biggest book prize, with her book Paper Soldier. Cole herself did not show up for the prize. It was not only the first time in history that a first-time writer won the prize, but also the first time that the winner did not appear.

Now here comes anotherfirst timefor the Inscriber: Cole is not real.Sheis in fact Thomas Goode. Goode is known for his picture books. His best-known book, Blue Moon, won him two national book prizes and sold over one million copies.

Goode had tried to writeseriousbooks before. His first try was Parent, which came out in 2006. Sadly, Goode’s big name did not help, and there was little interest in Parent. Goode’s friend told NBN that he wanted to write a book under a different name. Goode thought that people might treat his book seriously if they did not know it was from a picture book writer.

For the moment, there has been no word from Goode yet.

From the news story, which fact is seen as a new turn?
Carolyn Cole is a first-time writer.
Carolyn Cole is not the winner’s real name.
Carolyn Cole did not appear for the Inscriber Prize.
Carolyn Cole won the Inscriber Prize.
Which is most likely true about the Inscriber Prize?
likely 可能
It is treated seriously by writers in the country.
It is a prize only for first-time writers.
It was started by NBN News.
It is a new prize for picture books.
What can we learn about Thomas Goode?
He has won the Inscriber Prize twice.
He wants to be more than just a picture book writer.
He told NBN that Paper Solider was his work.
His life as a picture book writer has not been successful.
What do we know about Thomas Goode’s books?
Blue Moon was written under a different name.
The sales of Parent were bad.
Paper Soldier is his best-selling book.
His first picture book came out in 2006.