Help 國中基測 題組練習

No idea where to spend your vacation? If you are a big fan of sun, beach, and water sports, then you must join FunGana 2016!

Over the years, FunGana has taken people to many places in Gana. This year, we are taking you to Piso Island, one of Gana’s beautiful islands. Piso Island is adjacent to Wako Island, the biggest island in Gana, so it is only 15 minutes away by boat from Wako Island. The best time to visit? All year around, the weather on Piso Island is just wonderful for a vacation. You can sail out to watch whales, or enjoy one of the best mud springs in the world. We will also show you around the island in a special car, the Cocoon Rider. It’s our pleasure to help you enjoy your stay on Piso Island.

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What is FunGana 2016 for?
Giving courses in water sports.
Giving weather reports in Gana.
Helping people experience Gana.
Studying sea animals in Gana.
What does the reading say about Piso Island?
It has nice weather in every season.
It has the most mud springs in the world.
It is the most popular island in Gana.
It makes the best cars in Gana.
What does adjacent to mean?
Warmer than.
Bigger than.