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Englishman Robert Scott is known for leading two trips to Antarctica. The first one made him a star; the second 1.

After his first successful trip, Scott decided to be the first person to stand on the South Pole. However, 2. He would be in a race with Roald Amundsen, from Norway. Both left their countries by ship in June of 1910 and arrived in Antarctica in January of 1911.

About ten months later, both teams started their trips down to the South Pole. 3. Amundsen’s team used dogs, and Scott’s team used horses. Because horses weren’t good at traveling on snow, it took Scott’s team 77 days to arrive at the South Pole. They got there on January 17, 1912, and were surprised to find that Amundsen was ahead of them. The news hit Scott very hard, but what he didn’t know was that 4. His team began their long trip home with broken hearts. After days of terrible weather and little food, Scott lost his men one after another, and he himself was the last one to meet the end of his life. No one on his team lived to go back home and tell their story. It was only learned through Scott’s diary.

hurt his health
opened his eyes
cost him his life
made his dream come true
he wasn’t the only one who had this dream
he wouldn’t let anyone else take his prize away
he couldn’t miss the chance to make his country proud
he didn’t want to take this trip with others
And their ways of traveling decided which team would win
But there were problems to deal with before they traveled
But Amundsen didn’t know better about animals than Scott
And Scott used a popular way for his men to travel fast
there was still hope
the worst had not come yet
Amundsen had not been honest
no one ever believed him