Help 國中基測 題組練習

Karen: I'd like to take a trip to a foreign country again this spring vacation. Could you give me some advice?

Larry: I just came back from Sunnyland. It was a business trip, but I had a great time there.

Karen: I heard they have beautiful beaches.

Larry: You're right. And there're also many nice coffee shops along the beaches.

Karen: Are the people in Sunnyland friendly?

Larry: Don't worry. People there are very nice to foreign visitors. Don't feel embarrassed to ask for help. They're always ready to tell you anything you need to know.

Karen: Did you spend a lot of money there?

Larry: No, not really. I stayed for five days and spent only ten thousand dollars.

Karen: That's great. I don't think I can find a better place.

Larry: Enjoy yourself!

advice 建議
visitor 遊客
According to the dialogue, why does Larry think Sunnyland is a good place to visit?
There are many beautiful girls on the beaches.
The coffee there is very cheap.
People there like to help visitors.
It is good for doing business.
Which is true about Karen?
She has many friends in Sunnyland.
She thinks that it is a good idea to take a trip to Sunnyland.
She is going to spend her spring vacation with Larry.
She has never been to a foreign country.