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The Most Trusted Man in America

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source: The New York Times

美國最值得信任的人 ─ 華特·克郎凱特
Walter Cronkite 1916-2009
美國最值得信任的人、最偉大的新聞主播 華特·克郎凱特(Walter Cronkite)2009年7月17日在他紐約市寓所過世,享年92歲。

Walter Cronkite, who died on July 17, became known as the most trusted man in America during his tenure as the anchorman for the “CBS Evening News.” He became something of a national institution, known for his unflappable delivery, distinctive voice and daily benediction: “And that’s the way it is.”

Photo: Steven Senne/Associated Press

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 anchorman第六級[名詞] 男主播
 associated第四級[形容詞] 聯合的;關聯的; associate(聯想,把...聯想在一起) 的過去式及過去分詞
 distinctive第五級[形容詞] 有特色的;特殊的
 institution第六級[名詞] 機構