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nowhere, offering, priority, rein, rim, smashes, sneak, strategic, thrive, virtually

Chinese Counterfeiters Thrive in Africa

In Africa, no consumer product seems too small or too cheap to be targeted by Chinese counterfeiters
by David Rocks and Alex Halperin

source: Business Week



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A few years ago, consumer products giant Sara Lee (SLE) started seeing knockoffs of its biggest seller in Africa, Kiwi shoe polish. The company fought back by updating the Kiwi label, but the counterfeiters quickly matched it. So Sara Lee introduced new packaging sizes. A half-year later the fakes were showing up in the new sizes. Then the company changed the mold to give the Kiwi tins a deeper rim, but counterfeiters soon had nearly identical ones on the market. "Every time we change something, their lead time gets shorter and shorter," says Joab Ouma, who at the time was Sara Lee's marketing director for East Africa and now works independently as the company's distributor in Uganda. "First it was six months, and now it's as little as six weeks."

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 consumer第四級[名詞] 消費者;消耗者
 identical第四級[形容詞] 完全相同的
 lead第四級[動詞] 引導; [名詞] 指導;領先地位;線索,鉛筆心
 mold第五級[動詞] 鑄造;塑造;發霉; [名詞] 模子;鑄型;模製品;霉
 polish第四級[動詞] 磨光,擦亮; [名詞] 磨光,擦亮
 rim第五級[動詞] 形成邊緣;顯出邊緣; [名詞] (尤指圓形物的)邊緣
 thrive第六級[動詞] 興旺;繁榮;茂盛生長
 tins第五級tin(把...裝罐) 的第三人稱單數現在式; tin(錫;罐頭) 的複數
 updating第五級update(使...合乎時代;更新) 的現在分詞