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consumer, consumers, index, purchased, stock

With a one-cent rate hike coming, Forever stamps popular

source: By Diane C. Lade | South Florida Sun-Sentinel February 14, 2008


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Consumers apparently still believe a penny saved is a penny earned, as many rushed this week to buy Forever stamps that will help them avoid a pending 1-cent rate hike in first-class postage .


"a penny saved is a penny earned" 能省一分錢便是賺到一分錢。 "rush to" 趕著去。"Forever stamps" 以自由鐘為圖的「永遠」郵票,見上圖。"pending" 迫近的。 "rate"在此指的是郵資; "rate hike" 郵資調漲。"first-class postage" 第一類郵資,即一般信件的基本郵資,其郵資決定於郵件的形狀與重量。

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 apparently第三級apparent(明顯的,顯而易見的) 的衍生的副詞; [副詞] 顯然地
 consumers第四級consumer(消費者;消耗者) 的複數
 forever第三級[副詞] 永遠
 hike第三級[動詞] 徒步旅行; [名詞] 徒步旅行
 penny第三級[名詞] 便士;一便士硬幣
 postage第三級[名詞] 郵資,郵費
 rate第三級[動詞] 對...評價; [名詞] 比率;價格