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Cooking hard-boiled eggs, the right way

It seems everyone's method of cooking a hard-boiled egg is the best way. But here's one that really is.

By Russ Parsons Los Angeles Times
April 7, 2012

source: Los Angeles Times

Every year around this time millions of eggs are hard-boiled, artistically decorated and then thrown into the garbage. Frankly, that's probably just as well. Because most hard-boiled eggs are pretty terrible. The whites are rubbery, the yolks are pale and mealy and, even worse, surrounded by that sulfur-green ring of shame.

Cooking hard-boiled eggs is easy; cooking them right is not. Unless you know what you're doing. Then it's as close to a foolproof no-brainer as you can get in the kitchen.

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 artistically第四級artistic(藝術的) 的衍生的副詞
 pale第三級[形容詞] 蒼白的;黯淡的
 probably第三級probable(很可能發生的) 的衍生的副詞; [副詞] 可能地
 shame第三級[動詞] 使感到羞恥; [名詞] 羞恥(心),羞愧(感)
 surrounded第三級surround(圍,圍繞) 的過去式及過去分詞
 unless第三級[連接詞] 如果不,除非
 yolks第三級yolk(蛋黃) 的複數