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The Farm Animals

The Farm Animals story by Rolando Merino is a complete online version in our new Talking eBook format. You can click and hear every individual word pronounced, hear every page read, and listen to real farm animal sounds.

source: Rolando Merino

Rolando Merino 為他的兒子Rollie 創作了這本有聲電子書《The Farm Animals》 ,非常適合兒童學習。

中文裡常用【汪】來形容狗的叫聲;【嘶】來形容馬的叫聲。您知不知道如何用英文來表達下列動物 bee ; bird ; cat ; cow ; dog ; duck ; frog ; hen ; horse ; lion ; pig ; sheep 的聲音呢? 答案請見第二頁。

The animals that live on a farm all make special sounds...

  • On the farm there is a horse that goes neigh and gallops around. Horses are fun to ride.
  • This is a cow that goes mooooo... and makes the milk for children to drink.
  • Here is the piggy. He goes oink. He loves to take mud baths.
  • Here is the goat. The goat makes milk and cheese and goes beh.
  • This is the chicken. She lays the eggs for children to eat. She goes cluck.
  • Here is the duck that goes quack. Ducks waddle and swim in ponds.
  • This is the sheep. It has a wooly coat and goes baa. Sheep give us the wool we need.


gallop (馬等)疾馳,飛跑; waddle (鴨、鵝般地)搖搖擺擺地走。

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 cheese第三級[名詞] 起司;乳酪
 click第三級[動詞] 發出卡嗒(或喀嚓)聲; [名詞] 卡嗒聲
 individual第三級[形容詞] 個別的; [名詞] 個人;個體