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Stamps of Wild Approval


source: WSJ Digital Network

右圖: 這兩枚1847年模里西斯的郵票於1993年以四百萬美金創紀錄的高價售出。信上這橘紅色的一便士和籃色的兩便士郵票並列在一起。pence 是penny 的複數。
This pair of 1847 Mauritius stamps sold for a record $4 million in 1993.

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How tough can it be to be king? If we take the example of Britain's George V, the answer may be: not very. During his reign (1910-36), George was known to spend about four hours a day with his stamp collection. On royal tours, his lackeys let receiving heads of state know that if they wanted to present the monarch with a gift, George would gladly forgo the usual engraved salver in favor of a rare philatelic specimen from Antigua or the Cape of Good Hope. In February 1908, when he was still the Duke of York, George wrote to a friend regarding the purchase of some stamps from Barbados: "Remember, I wish to have the best collection, and not one of the best collections in Britain."

"lackeys" - 僕人; 阿諛者。 "forgo" - 放棄,拋棄。 "salver" - 托盤。"Barbados" 巴貝多(拉丁美洲國家)。

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 approval中級[名詞] 批准;認可
 cape中級[名詞] 岬,海角
 monarch中高級[名詞] 君主
 present中高級[形容詞] 出席的;當前的;現在式的; [動詞] 提出; [名詞] 禮物
 regarding中級regard(把...看作;尊重) 的現在分詞; [介系詞] 關於;就...而論
 reign中高級[動詞] 君臨;統治; [名詞] 統治;在位期間
 specimen中高級[名詞] 樣品;標本
 state中級[形容詞] 正式的;官方的;國家的; [動詞] 陳述; [名詞] 狀態;美國的州
 still中高級[形容詞] 靜止的; [動詞] 使平靜;止住; [副詞] 仍然; [名詞] 靜物畫;寂靜; 蒸餾室
 tough中級[形容詞] 堅韌的,牢固的;頑固的;棘手的; [名詞] 暴徒,惡棍