Help 100年第一次基測

Look at the picture. What did the man forget to prepare?
Chicken legs.
Alice really likes having noodles for breakfast,     ?
doesn’t she
is she
hasn’t she
did she
Mr. Hu speaks good English      he lived in the U.S. for many years.
Reese likes to sleep with music on, so she usually turns on the      before she goes to bed.
coffee machine
washing machine
Although the rich woman has everything, she still feels      with her life and wants to try something new.
Every time Grandpa forgets where he puts his cellphone in the house, he always calls his own number with my cellphone to      it.
Gina worked late and was worried she might not be able to catch the bus.     , she saw a bus coming just after she arrived at the bus station.
My daughter is much      now. The pants she wore last year are already too short for her.
I usually carry a camera on my trips; taking pictures      a good way for me to remember the experience.
to be
When I entered the house for the first time, I found      was a big round table in the living room.
The noise those boys are making is giving me a(n)     . Can you do anything about it?
After a big party, it took me      time to clean the apartment. I'm tired now.
Gary is the best teacher I've ever known. No one      teaches so well.
Most of the      along this road were knocked down during the typhoon. So make sure no cars are coming when you cross the street.
bus stops
public phones
traffic lights
My dog, Lucy, was lying on the sofa      the fan on the wall. So when the fan fell, she was hit right on the head.

Bob: Why is the house full of     ?

Liz: Oh, no! Looks like it got on fire. I hope everyone in there has run out.


Elise: I need a dress for tomorrow's party, but I don't have one.

Fiona: Why don't you try on my red one? I bought      last week.


Mom: Lily, can you help me     ?

Lily: Sure. Where's the brush?

mail the letters
move the boxes
paint the door
turn off the light

Rose: Who's that man wearing a white jacket?

Lisa: He's Dr. Wu's son.

Rose: Really? They look      like brothers than father and son.


Linda: Jenny, will you still be here this afternoon?

Jenny: Yeah, I think I'll stay      five. Then I'll leave for dinner.


Long long time ago, a girl named Doris lost her ring. She felt so bad that she could not sleep well. When Doris turned over in her bed, she found the black horse in the picture on the wall 21. She was very surprised, so she got out of bed to have a closer look. When Doris touched the head of the horse, she 22 into the picture!
Now Doris was sitting on the back of the running horse!
It was so exciting to be riding a horse in the beautiful sky, but Doris did not know where the horse 23 her. Finally, they stopped in front of an old church. There Doris found a gift bag. She opened the bag and saw her ring inside. Doris was very happy. When she put on the ring, she woke up from her dream. At that moment, Doris could not believe her eyesthe ring 24 there back on her finger!
is moving
has moved
was moving
will move
is pulled
was pulled
has been pulled
would be pulled
is taking
has taken
would take
has been
would be

Mr. Lee: Wow! You look great in 25 glasses! Its glasses are very famous. How much is this pair?

Mr. Kao: Only 500 dollars.

Mr. Lee: Really? Where did you get the glasses?

Mr. Kao: At B. B. Department Store. It’s having a sale these days.

Mr. Lee: Does the department store have any 26 on sale, too? I want to buy a pair for my wife’s birthday.

Mr. Kao: Yes, it does. I remember I have the flyer. Here. You’ll get a much better price if you buy three pairs at a time.

Mr. Lee: Thanks.

flyer 廣告傳單
Glass House
glass plates
blue jeans
sports shoes
tennis shorts

Below is an ad of Carefree Helpline.

Mom hates. Dad forgets. Brothers and sisters never care.

Friends lie. People laugh. Even your dog turns away.

You feel lost. Nobody helps.

You talk. Nobody listens.

On Helpline: You talk. We listen.

We listen to all you would like to share.

It costs nothing to ask for help.

Call 080-911911 anytime, from Monday to Sunday.

Carefree Helpline cares for you, day and night.

To talk face to face, please call 080-122133.

ad 廣告
Which is NOT said about Carefree Helpline?
They listen to people in trouble.
People can talk face to face with them.
They collect money for people in need.
People can call them anytime, any day.
What does your dog turns away mean in the reading?
Your dog bites other people.
Your dog does not care about you.
Your dog is kicked and run away.
Your dog cannot find its way home.


When I told you I want to marry Mike, you said a 22-year-old girl is too young to get married. You also think it’s dangerous to marry a man I’ve known for only one year. But I don’t think so. I’m smart and old enough to know Mike loves me, and we’ve known each other well enough to start a family.

Mike used to smoke a lot and wear long hair. But he stopped smoking because I hate the smell. He also cut his hair short because I don’t like men with long hair. Isn’t it great to marry a man who changes himself for me?



I think you’ve known Mike long enough as a friend, but maybe not long enough to marry him. You’re still young, and I hope you can take more time to understand him better. Mike’s changes show he cares about you. But you both should know love doesn’t really mean changing or even losing oneself.

I’m worried about you because I love you. I never thought my little girl might leave me so early. But if you think you’re ready for a new life, I will see you off with smiles and best wishes.


What is Amy trying to tell her father?
Mike is the right person for her.
Mike cares a lot about her family.
She feels sorry about breaking her father’s heart.
She thanks her father for what he has done for her.
What can we learn about Amy’s father?
He has known Mike for over one year.
He will not let Amy leave him so early.
He thinks love means changing for another person.
He is afraid Amy has not thought carefully enough.
What do we know from the reading?
Mike is too young for Amy.
Mike does not like a girl who smokes.
Amy thinks she is ready for a new life.
Amy loves Mike the way he used to be.

There are many kinds of dances, but each has its own rules.

When we dance, we follow different rules.

We move to the front or stay in the back.

We dance close together or leave lots of space for each other;

We dance excitedly or slowly to fast or sweet music;

We dance to show how we feel in happy or sad times.

Sometimes we dance with people;

Sometimes we dance solo.

Yes, we dance differently;

But we won’t dance without rules.

Which is NOT said about dancing?
It is a difficult job.
It has rules to follow.
It shows how people feel.
It is done in several ways.
What do you do when you dance solo?
You dance excitedly.
You dance by yourself.
You dance in a public place.
You dance without shoes on.

Allen: Your new watch looks cool! May I take a look?

Lynn: Sure.

Allen: Wow! Look at the monkey on the face of it.

Lynn: Monkeys are one of my favorite animals. But the watch shows a different animal every month. Tomorrow is May 1, and it’ll be another kind of animal.

Allen: That sounds great! I want something like that. Where did you get it?

Lynn: Well, my uncle gave it to me last week. He bought it on a business trip in London.

Allen: Oh, that’s too bad.

Lynn: Maybe you can go check on the Internet.

Where was Lynn's watch bought?
On the Internet.
In an English city.
In the zoo near her school.
At a gift shop near her house.
What may Lynn’s watch look like on May 1?

Did you know the meaning of a word may change over time? Many English words we know now had different meanings a long time ago. One example is the word nice.

Around the year 1300, nice was first used in English to meanstupid.’ Two hundred years later, nice began to carry abettermeaning. If people said a book was written nicely, they meant the book was writtenclearly’ orcarefully,’ notstupidly.’ After 1800, nice began to take its modern meanings likekind’ orfriendly.’ Since then, people have thought of nice as a word withgoodmeanings.

Agoodchange of a word’s meaning like this example of nice is called AMELIORATION. Though we don’t use nice to meanstupid’ anymore, it is fun to know how much a word’s meaning can change from its start!

For more examples of AMELIORATION, see next page.

meaning 意思;意義
Here are four sentences from the Word Museum. Which is most likely to appear on the next page?
likely 可能
The word silly used to meanhappy,’ but now it meansstupid.’
The word terrific used to meanterrible,’ but now it meansexcellent.’
The word girl used to meana young person,’ but now it meansa young woman.’
The word telephone is cut short to phone, but the two words mean the same thing.
What can we learn about the word nice?
It started to meanclear’ around 1500.
It was first used in English around 1100.
It still keeps its old meaning that was used around 1300.
It was used to talk about an important person around 1800.
Below is an ad of a restaurant.

Tea Cottage Wants You!

Join us in Tea Cottagethe best Chinese restaurant in town. We are now looking for someone interested in working with us.

♦ 2 Cooks

  • At least two years’ work experience in a restaurant kitchen
  • Good at making Chinese dishes
  • Able to work on weekends
  • Work 16:00-21:00 every day (USD$600/week)

♦ 3 Waiters/Waitresses

  • At least one year’s work experience in cafés or restaurants
  • Part-time welcome
  • Work 11:00-15:00 or 16:00-21:00 (USD$16/hour)

♦ 2 Cleaners

  • No experience needed
  • Part-time welcome
  • Wash dishes, clean the kitchen
  • Work 12:00-15:00 or 17:00-22:00 (USD$12/hour)

We are also looking for singers and bands for Wednesday nights!

Call 213-333-6789 Ms. Wu!

ad 廣告
Four people have called Ms. Wu. Below are Ms. Wu's notes about the jobs they are looking for and their work experience.

Name Job Experience
Ronaldcleaner night-time clerk,
looking for a second job that he can do in the daytime
wanting to start her singing business at cafés or restaurants
Giorgiocook cook in a restaurant for three years,
excellent at making spaghetti and pizzas
Shumcleaner night school student,
no work experience, looking for a part-time job

Who would NOT get a call from Ms. Wu for an interview?

What can we learn about Tea Cottage from this ad?
They are looking for singers and bands for weekend music shows.
They need cooks who can work both at lunchtime and dinner time.
One who knows about tea-making has a better chance of working there.
The waiters will be paid over USD$60 a day for working during lunchtime.

Lin-hua: Mom, can I put my pet fish into the river?

Mom: No! When you bought it, you told me you’d take care of it, remember?

Lin-hua: But now I want it to live free.

Mom: I think you’re just tired of keeping it. Also, if your pet fish comes from another country, it may bring some problems for the living things in our country after you put it into our river. Haven’t you heard about the fire ants from South America? Since they were brought to Taiwan, they’ve made lots of trouble for the animals and plants here.

Lin-hua: But I read a newspaper report which said that in New Zealand, animals and plants from other countries aren’t always trouble-makers. With these new friends, New Zealand has become a country with many different kinds of animals and plants.

Mom: Well, I just want you to think twice before you do anything. Now, the floor is dirty because of your jumping fish. Please go mop the floor.

What is talked about in the newspaper report?
Some animals and plants from abroad grow better in New Zealand.
Some animals and plants from New Zealand are very popular in Taiwan.
In Taiwan, some animals and plants from New Zealand do not grow well.
In New Zealand, some animals and plants from abroad do not hurt nature.
What does the reading say about fire ants?
They are afraid of light.
They come from South America.
They look as bright as burning fire.
They will attack each other for food.
What does Lin-hua’s mother ask her to do now?
Feed her fish.
Clean the floor.
Check where her fish comes from.
Find out whether the report is true.

Small Rice, Big Dream

Central Taiwan News

May 13, 2008

Two years ago, a small town in Changhua started to grow healthy rice. The healthy rice was not grown by farmers but by students from a small elementary school of only about fifty people.

The idea of growing rice came from the school teachers. When making teaching plans, the teachers decided to teach students how to grow healthy rice on school land. They wanted the students to get closer to the land and learn to help each other when doing the rice farming outside the classroom.

What’s better, the school made money from selling the rice and giving farming classes to the public. With the money, the school could help students who wished to go to foreign countries some day. Today the dream is becoming realthe students are flying to Japan to share their special farming experiences, and have fun over there, of course!

"We all feel very proud that even students from a small town can make themselves seen in the world," said one of the teachers.

What is the reading about?
A successful teaching plan.
A new way of cooking rice.
A language class for farmers.
A famous teacher from a small town.
Which is said in the reading?
Farming makes students healthy.
Farming helps the school make money.
The school bought the land for the farming classes.
It is important for farmers to make good use of land.
What is the dream?
Growing healthy rice.
Building more schools.
Visiting a foreign country.
Learning outside the classroom.

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