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Look at the picture. The man is looking for money but does not notice that it is in the top     .
The traffic light turned red when I was going to cross the road. But I didn't      and was almost hit by a motorcycle.
I planned to fly to Hong Kong today. But when I got to the     , I found it was closed because of the heavy rain.
bus top
train station
     in the daytime is not good for you, You may not sleep well at night and feel tired the next day.
Have slept
Melody has a great interest in planting flowers, but her sister     . She can't even stay in the garden for one minute.
John has finished his studies at music school. Now with his good      of music, he can teach at school.
I      a bath when someone turned off the light. I was scared and shouted for help.
was taking
am taking
had taken
At the end of the baseball game, all the players      the fans to thank them for coming to the game.
agreed with
arrived with
bowed to
checked out
Can you help me      those cups and dishes? I get a different number each time.
I have a big      at home. I often fill it with hot water and enjoy a long bath.
washing machine
We      Aunt Polly for a long time, so we visited her last weekend.
don’t see
haven’t seen
hadn’t seen
wouldn’t see
We know      about the new boss except that she just came back from the US. We hope to know her better.
other things
See? The strange man I saw yesterday      around my house again. Should I call the police?
is walking
and walked
to walk
I haven't been to the movies these days. Are there any good      this week?

Cindy: Do you want some bread?

Allen: I need more than that. I'm so     !


Grace: Wow! Is your room always this     ?

Bianca: Well, I like to put everything in the right place.

(On the cell phone)

Stacy: Where are you? I can't see you here at the theater.

Greg:     . I'm just one block away.

Nice talking to you
I’m coming
Hurry up
Hope to see you soon

Dad: Are you going out? It's really late now.

Mitch: I know, but it's the last day to buy the World Cup games,      I must go.


Abby: Too bad you couldn't come to the beach with us. It was so much fun there! You must come next time.

Bree: No, thanks. I don't think      any fun. I can't swim.

I was having
I’ve had
I have
I’ll have
Below is what Stan drew for his report. It shows the number of students in each club at his school in 2009 and 2010. Which is NOT true?
The art clubs have fewer students in 2010 than in 2009.
The sports clubs have more students in 2010 than in 2009.
The acting club is the most popular club both in 2009 and in 2010.
In 2009, the painting club has half the number of students of the paper-cutting club.

Dear Jean,

How have you been? I’m writing this to say I’m sorry that 21 your birthday. These days I felt there was something wrong, but I just couldn’t think of what it was. Yesterday afternoon on the bus, I 22 remembered what it was. Your birthday is this month, and it was two weeks ago! I feel so bad. I picked out a gift for you. I hope you like it.

By the way, 23 a great time on your birthday? I can’t wait to hear about it.



by the way 順便一提
I forget
I forgot
I’m forgetting
I’ve forgotten
have you had
are you having
would you have
did you have

If you sail between Hawaii and California, you’ll find a big part of the ocean, as big as Africa, covered with garbage. Most of the trash comes from the land, by wind or by water, and some is thrown straight into the sea. Most of the trash is plastic: plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic cans, and a lot more.

24? Some just stays in the sea, some is washed onto the beaches, and, worst of all, some 25. Many seabirds and sea animals that eat the trash in the sea die. Those that are lucky enough to live on may someday arrive on our dinner plate. What we throw away will all 26 one way or another.

Keep in mind what happens to trash, and you may think twice before you throw anything away.

ocean 海洋
Where does the trash go
How do we deal with the trash
Where does the trash come from
How does the trash arrive in the sea
enters seabirds’ and sea animals’ stomachs
stops seabirds and sea animals from growing up
fills the living space of seabirds and sea animals
goes down to the bottom of the sea and never comes up
be cleared up
come back to us
be useful to others
get out of our sight

Jamie: Hey, Paul, will you be home this afternoon?

Paul: Yes, why?

Jamie: Can I come over to your house to play basketball in the yard?

Paul: But don’t you have class at New Math Classroom today? I remember you have to go there on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Jamie: Yes, but I sleep most of time during the class. What the teacher says is almost like a foreign language to me. I don’t know why I should be there.

Paul: But your parents will be here in one hour to have tea with my parents.

Jamie: Oh, no!

What did Jamie plan to do this afternoon?
To play sports.
To go to a math class.
To have tea with Paul.
To do homework at home.
What do we know from the dialogue?
Paul’s parents work at New Math Classroom.
Jamie’s teacher at New Math Classroom is a foreigner.
There is no class at New Math Classroom on Wednesdays.
Jamie does not enjoy the math class at New Math Classroom.
Read Luke’s diary and answer the questions.
Weather: ☼
Date: Dec. 21, 2009

Today our teacher took us to the Mr. Chang’s farm. When we got there, we saw cows walking around and eating the grass. Mr. Chang let his cows walk freely outside. He even touched their faces and talked to them like a father. Also, Mr. Chang only fed his cows with fresh grass and spring water from nature. He took good care of his cows so he could sell people the best milk. When He milked the cows, he even let us try. It was really exciting to get fresh milk from the cows by myself! When we were going to leave, Mr. Chang gave each of us a bag of cheese. It tasted wonderful!

diary 日記
What did Luke do on the farm?
He helped to milk the cows.
He sold milk for Mr. Chang.
He learned how to make cheese.
He collected fresh grass for Mr. Chang.
What did Mr. Chang NOT do for his cow?
He fed them with spring Water.
He touched and talked to them.
He played music when they ate.
He let them walk freely on the farm.

Maybe I should put a side table in this corner.

I think a yellow dining table would look great with the color of my kitchen.

I guess an L-shaped sofa is right for my living room.

How can you be sure if these ideas will be work? Are you going to different stores looking for things which you plan to put in your house? What if they don’t look good in your house? Now Mother Goose saves you all the trouble! With Mother Goose, you can play with different ideas on the computer, so you can see what your future house will look like before starting the real job. Want to see the magic? Just visit to take a look. will start selling Mother Goose next week. The first 100 people to order Mother Goose will get it at half price (only one pack of Mother Goose per person). Get yours now!

what if 萬一
per 每一
What does the webpage of look like?
webpage 網頁
What do we know about Mother Goose?
It is new on the market.
It is popular with young people.
People can visit its office next week.
People can buy three packs and get one free.

You asked what kind of person I am.

I speak out what I think,

Loud like an angry queen;

I stay low,

Quiet like a winter tree.

I’m excited,

As happy as a jumping rabbit;

I’m bored,

Feeling like a dead fish.

What kind of person am I?

Who knows?

I live and wear different faces,

Like everyone else.

What is the writer trying to say in the poem?
It is not wise to show how we feel.
Life is hard when we forget how to smile.
It is not possible to make everybody happy.
It is hard to tell what a person is really like.
What can we know about the writer from the poem?
She used to have many pets.
Winter is her favorite season.
She cannot remember her real name.
She is not afraid to talk about her ideas.

Kirsten: Have you read The Travel? I just finished it yesterday.

Renee: No, but I’ve wanted to. Is it good?

Kirsten: it is! But it’s quite grim.

Renee: How so?

Kirsten: In the story, a mother and her son were on a trip when they were caught by a group of crazy people. They were kept in a small dark room and treated terribly. It really broke my heart to read that the mother chose to stay and fight with the bad guys. She was almost killed when trying to help her son run away.

Renee: So it’s this grim from the first page to the end?

Kirsten: Yes, but there’s still a bright side in it. You get to see how strong parents can be when they want to keep their children from being hurt.

Renee: I see. I’m surely going to borrow it from the library.

Kirsten: Then you must hurry. When I borrowed it last Friday, they told me that many people were waiting to read it!

What happened in The Travel?
A mother did her best to save her child.
A mother took a trip to look for her son.
A mother was treated terribly by her family.
A mother was killed by a group of crazy people.
What do we know from the dialogue?
Kirsten will lend Renee The Travel.
The Travel is a popular library book.
Kirsten did not enjoy reading The Travel.
Renee has not heard of The Travel before.
What does Kirsten mean by saying The Travel is grim?
It happens on a dark night.
It makes the readers feel sad.
There are many difficult words in it.
Readers have different ideas about it.

Show your student card
to enjoy a special price of $200 before 7pm or $250 after 7pm
for everything on the menu!! (full price: $350)

For a table of six or more, we treat each to a special drink!

Not a student anymore? Dig out your old school uniform and wear it to Catch-Up!!
You can also enjoy a special price of $300 on Students’ Night.

Catch up with your friends at Catch-Up, the finest restaurant in town!

We open every day 5:00pm - 11:30pm

What do we know about the Students' Night at Catch-Up?
The waiters will wear school uniform.
Students who order before 7pm will get a free drink.
Catch-Up will be open later on Students’ Night than on other days.
People who are not students still have a chance to get a special price.
Patty and her classmates went out to celebrate her 18th birthday. Below is the e-mail she had sent them the day before.
Date: Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Subject: Tomorrow Night
Dear Ginny, Jen, and Eva,

The movie starts at 7:00, so let’s meet at 6:45 tomorrow. Student tickets are cheaper, so do bring your student cards! After the movie, we will have dinner at the famous Catch-Up! See you tomorrow!


P.S. Don’t forget to put on your best dress.
That night, one of Patty’s classmates did not bring her student card. How much did they pay for their dinner at Catch-Up?
Six people are talking about two pie shops in a TV program.

Lily: I’ve been going to Pie House for twenty years. Now Marie’s son is taking care of the business, and he makes pie as good as his mother’s.

Olive: I went to Pie Corner once. Their pie were great, too. But I feel more comfortable at Pie House.

Ned: Uncle Roy used to work for my mom, later he opened Pie Corner on the next block after he got married.

Marie: Roy was already quite avant-garde when working with me. I mean he had different, sometimes even strange, ideas about pies. There were times I thought his pies wouldn’t taste good, but they turned out magically delicious.

Lee: Ned has done quite well with Pie House. His pies make you feel warm. But if you want to try something interesting, you should go to Pie Corner.

Chuck: If eating Roy’s pies is like taking an exciting trip, then Ned’s pies are just like a sweet home you go back to after a long trip.

What do we know about the six people?
They all have been to both pie shop.
They all talked about what the pies taste like.
Some of them are the shopkeepers of the pie shops.
Some of them talked about how the shopkeepers treated their workers.
Which is true about the pie shops?
Pie House is a family business.
Pie Corner is next to Pie House.
Pie Corner has a longer history than Pie House.
Pie House gives people a place to stay for the night.
What does avant-garde mean in the reading?
Having a new and surprising way of thinking.
Trying to find out where the problems come from.
Trying to act like someone who knows everything.
Having many exciting and eye-opening life experiences.

If you enjoy reading, don’t miss Shakespeare and Company when you visit the city of Paris. It is a famous English-language bookstore on the left bank of the river Seine. The first Shakespeare and Company in history was opened in 1919 by an American, Sylvia Beach. Ms. Beach did more than sel1 books. Her bookstore was also a library, and she even prepared beds for writers visiting there. Ms. Beach was not only kind to people but also good at choosing books, so her bookstore was often visited by writers like Ernest Hemingway and James Joyce. But in 1941, after the Germans took power in Paris, Ms. Beach was told to close her bookstore.

In 1951, another American, George Whitman opened in Paris another English- language bookstore, Librairie Mistral. Since then, just as Ms. Beach did, Mr. Whitman has also made his bookstore a library for people to borrow books, and a free hotel for writers to stay in. To remember Ms. Beach, Mr. Whitman changed the name of his bookstore to Shakespeare and Company in 1964, two years after Ms. Beach died.

Next time when you are in Paris, don’t forget to visit this friendly bookstore, and see if you can spend a night there.

About Shakespeare and Company which is NOT talked about in the reading?
It sells books.
It prepares beds for writers.
It lends books.
It reads books to children.
What do we know about Mr. Whitman?
He was Ms. Beach’s neighbor.
He used to work at Ms. Beach’s bookstore.
He has followed Ms. Beach’s ways of doing business.
He opened a bookstore in 1951 to remember Ms. Beach.
Why was Ms. Beach’s business closed?
She was asked to leave Paris.
The Germans made her give it up.
Her business went from bad to worse.
She died.

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