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Look at the picture. The woman is putting      on the cake.
The movie starts at two o'clock,      let's meet at the theater at one forty-five.
Peter is afraid of the dark. He even leaves the      on when sleeping.
Pam is a      baseball player; she has more fans than any other player on her team.
I did not do my homework, so my teacher said I      stay after school to finish it.
failed to
had to
hoped to
used to
Kevin has only enough money for the bag or the shoes. That is a hard      to make because he likes them both.
It was      for us to answer the math question because we've done the same kind of questions many times.
Although it took me lots of time      a big meal for ten people, I was happy that everyone enjoyed it.
to prepare
Don't let the children swim in the river. We don't know how      it is. It could be dangerous.
Bob is      of the boys in the family. He never does any housework. His brothers at least take out the garbage sometimes.
the lazy
the lazier
the laziest
Aunt Gina has lived in this town for more than sixty years, so she      it very well.
will know
was going to know
We won't see the sun even after the typhoon leaves, because the news said that heavier rain will soon     .
Yesterday when I got home from work, my brother      for dinner, so he invited me to join him.
goes out
went out
has gone out
was going out
You were      not to lend Amy money. She never gives back what she borrows.
Have you found a summer job yet? Mr. Firth      someone to take care of his kids during the vacation. Maybe you can talk to him.
has looked for
is looking for
looks for
was looking for
David looked out of the balcony window and saw a woman get in his car      away.
and drive
and drove
The police haven't found the little girl who      at a supermarket. They'll keep doing all they can to find her.
took away
taken away
has taken away
was taken away
Buses to the airport only come once every hour, and we just missed     . Why don't we take a taxi?
Ariel      every night for a week before her Chinese test and got a very good grade.
has studied
was going to study
While reading this story, Brad saw the word “trolling” and didn't know what it meant.

Josh turned off the screen and sat back.Why are they trolling me like this?” He didn't understand. They wanted him to share what he thought about the show, and he did. And now look what he got. In the end, all they wanted was nice words.

He found several meanings of the word in a dictionary. Which one should Brad choose?
To celebrate in song.
To make someone or something move around.
To pull a fishing line through the water, often from a boat.
To write something on the Internet to hurt someone or make them angry.

You Drink Tea-Rock & We Send You to the USA

Thank You for Being with Us for Twenty Summers & Winters

Cut out the picture of the tea cup on a bottle of Tea-Rock tea, collect two of the pictures, and paste them on a postcard. On the postcard, be sure to write down your name, birthday, telephone number, e-mail address, and your favorite Tea-Rock tea. Send the postcard to "Tea-Rock 20," PO Box 70265, Miao-Song (1/10/2010 3/15/2010). You have a chance to win 2 tickets from Taipei to New York!

1st Prize: 2 tickets from Taipei to New York
2nd Prize: A Sonia 42" TV
3rd Prize: A Sonia MP4 Player

And many more surprises for you!

Want to know more?
Go to or call us at (07)777-7777

address 地址
What does Tea-Rock celebrate?
Their sales in 20 countries.
The coming out of their 20th kind of tea.
Their 20th year of business.
The opening of their 20th store in the USA.
Here is the postcard Jason is going to send to Tea-Rock 20. What else does he need to put on the postcard before he sends it?
His age.
His address.
His birthday.
Another picture of the tea cup.
infographic 資訊圖表
What can we learn about sugar from the infographic?
There are 4 g of sugar in 66 g of ice cream.
) A woman can eat as much sugar a day as a man can.
Taiwan eats more sugar for each person than the US does.
400 ml of rice milk has less sugar than 400 ml of grape juice.
What can be a reason why the list ofSugar that is hidden in foods and drinksis put in the infographic?
To help us understand how sugar hurts our body.
To show what kinds of foods and drinks are popular with children.
To tell us that we often have more sugar than we can without knowing it.
To let us know how much sugar is enough to make foods and drinks taste good.

Darrell: Marina…Marina…MARINA!

Marina: Oh, sorry. I didn’t hear you. I was thinking about my homework.

Darrell: What’s it about?

Marina: Well, I need to draw a future house for my art class, but I haven’t got any

ideas. Maybe I should go to the library and look for something useful.

Darrell: Or you can try Pinterest.

Marina: Isn’t it a shopping app?

Darrell: Not really. Many people share their works on Pinterest and tell you how

they made them. I’m sure you can get some ideas there.

Marina: Sounds like you use it often.

Darrell: Yeah. Just last week I went there and found the A to Z of making

chocolate cakefrom choosing good chocolate to baking the cake to making

sugar flowers on top.

Marina: Really? I’ll check it out later. Thanks a lot.

Why did Darrell tell Marina to go to Pinterest?
To find some examples for her homework.
To shop for things that are needed for art classes.
To meet new friends who have the same interests.
To share her works and tell people how they are made.
What does it mean when you learn something from A to Z?
You can learn it at any time.
You learn it in a baking class.
You learn everything about it.
You spend all your life learning it.

Tabata training is a very popular way of exercising these days. It doesn’t take much time or space, and it burns calories faster than other ways of exercising. The idea of Tabata training is simple: exercise for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and then repeat (at least eight times). The moves for the 20-second exercise are not difficult to learn. Jumping jacks, high knees, squats, and planks are some of the most common moves. You can decide yourself what moves to do in your Tabata training. For example, you can do more leg exercises if you want strong legs.

One great thing about Tabata training is that your body will keep burning calories for at least an hour after 4 minutes of Tabata training. But to have this wonderful “afterburn,” you need to exercise really hard during each 20 seconds. If you seldom exercise or have heart problems, this exercise may not be good for you. But for people who enjoy exercising but are too busy to go to the gym, Tabata training might just be the answer.

calorie 卡路里(熱量單位)
Which idea is talked about in the first paragraph of the reading?
paragraph 段落
How you should do Tabata training.
What is the best time for Tabata training.
Who first had the idea of Tabata training.
How often you should do Tabata training.
Who might find that Tabata training is right for them?
People who enjoy team sports.
People who want to start exercising.
People who want to fix their heart problems.
People who already have a habit of exercising.
Which is true about Tabata training?
It is difficult to learn the moves.
You are free to choose your own moves.
You need a large space to do the exercises.
You cannot rest between moves if you want the afterburn.

Mordern Worplace

June 5, 2016

The problem of long working hours is a real headache in our country. It kills many people every year (see Figure 1), and many companies are trying to change that. They have at least oneNo Overtime Dayin a week, and it is often Wednesday. OnNo Overtime Day,” workers are asked to leave their offices before 8 p.m. At 8 p.m., companies play the songThere’s Always Tomorrowand turn off all the lights.

However, after the workers walk out of their offices, they don’t go home. Some go back later, turn on their table lamps, and keep working, and others find somewhere else to work until very late at night. Restaurants and coffee shops are busier on Wednesday evenings, and they have started selling drinks and meals for these workers.

But why do these people keep working? A study shows that workers who work more hours often have a bigger chance to get paid more and rise higher in their companies. This is true for both men and women (see Figure 2). Working long hours has become a way to show that people are hard-working. Clearly, this must be changed before the problem gets any worse.

average 平均
There are four important points in the report: a. WhatNo Overtime Dayis b. WhyNo Overtime Dayfails c. Why there isNo Overtime Dayin the country d. How workers deal withNo Overtime DayHow are they ordered in the report?
a → c → d → b.
a→ d → c → b.
c → a → b → d.
c → a → d → b.
What does this mean in the report?
The way workers show they are hard-working.
Restaurants and coffee shops open until very late at night.
Workers do not go home when they walk out of the office.
The number of workers who get paid more and rise higher in the company.
What can we learn from Figure 1 and Figure 2?
Long working hours killed more women than men in 2014.
Long working hours kills more and more workers every year.
Men usually have a bigger chance to get paid more and rise higher when they work the same hours as women.
Men and women have almost the same chance to get paid more and rise higher when they work 2,200 hours.

Language and Power: Cameroon’s Story

By Elisa Grant, 2 Oct 2017

In the modern world, being able to speak English is often a way to get power. However, this is not true for English speakers in Cameroon. To know why things are different in this African country, we need to go back one hundred years.

In 1919, Kamerun (the name of Cameroon at the time) was cut into two parts: one belonged to France, and the other belonged to the UK. In 1960, the French Cameroon became the Republic of Cameroun, and the UK’s part joined it in 1961. The new country changed its name to the Federal Republic of Cameroon. Although both French and English are Cameroon’s official languages, only around 20% of its people speak English. Also, the government has been in French speakers’ hands since the two parts became one country.

For a long time, Cameroon’s English speakers have felt they are not welcome in their own country. For example, it is very difficult for them to find jobs in the government, and they are often asked to speak French in business and at official events. They have become more resentful at the government and decided to fight for themselves. Since last year, the English speakers have tried to build their own country. Yesterday, they said in a public meeting that they were not part of Cameroon anymore. They are now a new country, “Ambazonia.” When the police tried to stop the meeting, at least eight people were killed.

Read more

official 官方的
government 政府
Which map is most likely the map of Cameroon in 1962?
likely 可能
What does resentful mean in the reading?
What does Cameroon’s government most likely think of Ambazonia?
It plans to do business with Ambazonia.
It needs Ambazonia for money and help.
It does not want to be part of Ambazonia.
It does not agree that Ambazonia is a country.
What does Elisa Grant try to tell readers by talking about the history of Cameroon?
Why speaking English is a way to get power.
Why English speakers in Cameroon have less power.
Why the two parts of Cameroon became one country.
Why only 20% of the people in Cameroon speak English.

THE SOUTHEND TRAIL has been popular with nature lovers for years. The 120-km trail passes beautiful lakes, crosses rivers, and goes through mountains and hills. This gives bird lovers some of the best places for birdwatching. The trail also takes you to the Southend Museum and to two famous castles, Edward Castle and Sloan Castle.

It’s best to plan one day for one part of the trail and start your hike early in the morning, because each part takes at least seven hours. If you don’t want to walk, you can bike, but make sure you stay on the main trail, because the side trails are not wide enough for biking.

There are two types of lodging for visitors. Camping is popular in summer, but it is only allowed on a few campgrounds (see the map). A more comfortable one is to stay at a hotel in one of the towns. You can find some very nice ones that also have breakfast.

trail 步道
What is recommended to people who are visiting the Southend Trail?
recommend 推薦
Camping on the side trails.
Biking along the side trails.
Hiking one part of the trail a day.
Visiting the museum in the morning.
What does lodging mean in the reading?
A meal to have.
A place to stay in.
A time for visiting.
A way of moving around.
Kaylen will start his trip from Cove. He plans to visit one of the old castles. He also wants to go birdwatching near the river. Which parts of the trail should Kaylen go on?
Parts 1 and 2.
Parts 1 and 2a.
Parts 2 and 3.
Parts 4 and 4a.

English words are made of 26 letters, and palindromes and anagrams are two kinds of word games about spelling. A palindrome is a word or a sentence that reads the same from left to right or from right to left, 40 , “eye,” “Bob,” “my gym,” andWas it a car or a cat I saw?” An anagram of a word or words is made by putting the letters of the word or words in a different way. Look at the words and their anagrams below. Can you think of other possible anagrams of these words?

mistake   m t i
  a e s k

Anagrams are often longer words that don’t really mean anything but are fun to say. Sometimes they can even mean something 42 , like when a common word, “restaurant,” becomesEat rats, run!”

Actually, palindromes and anagrams are 43 . Palindromes can be used to learn mathematics and make music. Anagrams are also a good way to hide something. In history, people often hid their important studies in anagrams. Can you think of any other way to use them?

in fact
at first
of course
for example
take sit
Ms Easy
it makes
me steak
more than just games
often played in public
not so popular as before
not first used to learn words

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