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Look at the picture. The man is holding a      of grapes in his hands.
Dennis enjoys      in public. He is proud of his beautiful voice.
Mrs. Johnson can't hear very well. If you need to talk to her, you must     .
People got very excited when they watched Ms. Smith      at the party.
has danced
to dance
I tried on these shoes in several different     , and I thought the white pair looked best on me.
Rex did not feel the earthquake this morning. He      in the park at the time.
was jogging
has jogged
would jog
Mr. Lee has worked in the same store for ten years; he's never thought about      his job.
I didn't take the bus today because it was     . All the seats were taken and a lot of students were standing.
Don't go away when you're cooking,      the food might burn.
Jerry wanted to know      he was kicked off the soccer team, but no one gave him a good reason.
Jenny is already forty, doesn't have a job and often makes trouble for her parents. To them, she is really a(n)     .
Ed and Jill      camping this weekend, so they have to finish their homework by Friday.
were going
are going
have gone
Doraemon, a blue Japanese robot cat, has hated mice since his ears      by a mouse.
were bitten
have bitten
If we play some interesting games in class, there      more fun in learning English.
will be
will have
The      of this shop was so bad; I never got any answer after I emailed them my questions.
It's not easy to see those islands clearly from here on sunny days, and it's even less      to see them on cloudy days.
Do you remember the CD I was looking for for months? I      found it in a small shop. Look, here it is!
Business at Jane's shop has not been good these days. And the new supermarket across the street only makes things    .
more boring
more convenient
Scott wasn't sure if the young woman before him was      pulled him out of a car on fire.
the one
the one she
the one who
I      swimming for several years before I went to this high school. I gave it up because of heavy schoolwork.
have practiced
am practicing
would practice
Frank Kane is so good in the movie that many people      he will win the best actor prize.
The new medicine that just came out on the market      thousands of lives.
and saved
has saved
to save
Now I often think of those days with Pip, my pet dog. When I read in my room, he      quietly beside me.
will come and sit
comes and sits
has come and sat
used to come and sit
Amy went to Four Seasons' Kitchen with her mother after she collected 15 stars. They ordered two Garden Sandwiches, an Autumn Wind, and a Winter Snow. After using the stars, how much did they pay for their meals?
Amy wants to bring her friends to Four Seasons’ Kitchen in August. She looks at her calendar to pick a time to go there. Which are the time and date she can choose?
calendar 月曆
8:30 pm, August 1.
5:00 pm, August 11.
3:00 pm, August 13.
2:00 pm, August 28.
nest 鳥巢
feather 羽毛
According to the notes, which is the WRONG way to help a baby bird that is out of its nest?
Feed it before you take it to a hospital.
Leave it alone if it is not hurt and has feathers.
Call the animal center if you can’t find its nest.
Put it back in its nest if it is not hurt and has few feathers.
According to the notes, what do birds do if their babies have the smell of people on them?
They keep taking care of them.
They push them out of the nest.
They clean them until the smell goes away.
They leave them behind and move to a new nest.
stage 階段
waste 浪費
percentage 百分比
According to the reading, which is one of the reasons for food waste?
Stores do not know how to pack food well.
Farmers do not have enough machines to collect food. (C) There is no
There is no refrigerator on the truck to keep food fresh.
Factories do not have enough trucks to carry food to stores.
Which is true about food waste at each stage in the three parts of the world?
For each area, the highest percentage of food waste happens at Stage 5.
Europe has a lower percentage of food waste at Stage 3 than the other two areas.
North America & Oceania has a higher percentage of food waste at Stage 1 than Europe.
South & Southeast Asia has a higher percentage of food waste at Stage 4 than the other two areas.

Sometimes when the rain falls hard and fast on you, it might hurt a little. But what happens when it hits a mosquito? A 2012 study says when a raindrop falls on a mosquito, it’s like when a bus hits a person. Besides, the little insect is hit by a raindrop about once every 20 seconds. So why don’t we see many dead mosquitoes after it rains?

A mosquito is as big as a raindrop, but it is much lighter — 0.002 g only. This saves its life in raindrop attacks. Because the mosquito is so light, when it is hit by a raindrop, it won’t experience a force that is strong enough to kill it.

The study also found that when a mosquito is hit by a raindrop, the insect is pushed by the raindrop and falls together with it. But the mosquito doesn’t get wet easily because it is covered with hairs which keep off water. After dropping about 6 cm, it will roll off the raindrop and fly away.

However, this trick isn’t always successful. If the mosquito flies too low when it is hit by the raindrop, it won’t have time to fly off. Then it will hit the ground and meet its death.

force 力量
What is the trick that the mosquito uses in rain?
It shakes its body fast enough to get water off.
It drops with the raindrop and then rolls off it.
It flies behind the raindrop and pushes it away.
It rides on the raindrop and lands on the ground.
What keeps a mosquito safe in the rain?
It is very light.
It has no body hairs.
It is as big as a raindrop.
It is strong enough to fight the force of a raindrop.
When would it be dangerous for a mosquito in the rain?
When it flies too close to the ground.
When the rain falls too hard and too fast.
When it is hit by raindrops too many times.
When it drops for more than 6 cm in the rain.

You probably have heard Beethoven’s famous piano pieceFor Elise,” but do you know who “Elise” was?

One story is that Elise was Elisabeth Röckel. She once sang in Beethoven’s opera Fidelio, and the two became very good friends. Beethoven called her “Elise.” When Röckel was leaving the city of Vienna, Beethoven wroteFor Elise” to say goodbye to her. Another story is that Elise was Therese Malfatti. Beethoven was in love with her. He wrote a piece for her and putFor Therese” on the manuscript. Malfatti kept the manuscript and left it to her family when she died. Later, a man copied the manuscript and wroteFor Elise” by mistake. There is another possible Elise: Elise Barensfeld. She learned the piano from Malfatti, the same Malfatti in the second story. To help Malfatti, Beethoven wrote the piece for her to use to teach Barensfeld.

These are just some guesses about who Elise was. We may never know the right answer. No one knew about the piece until 1867, when the manuscript was found. This was 40 years after Beethoven’s death, so he wasn’t around to tell us who Elise was. Only one thing is for sure: “For Elise” will always be enjoyed.

opera 歌劇
manuscript 手稿
What do the three stories in the reading all talk about?
Who Beethoven’s true love was.
Who playedFor Elise” the best.
HowFor Elise” became popular.
Why Beethoven wroteFor Elise.”
What do we know aboutFor Elise” from the reading?
It first appeared in the opera Fidelio.
The true “Elise” was Elise Barensfeld.
The manuscript was found after Beethoven died.
The manuscript is now kept by the city of Vienna.
What can we learn about the three women from the stories?
They were called “Elise” by their friends.
Elisabeth Röckel was a close friend of Beethoven’s.
Therese Malfatti changedFor Elise” toFor Therese.”
Elise Barensfeld was Beethoven’s student.

Which would you give a boy for his birthday, a toy truck or a doll? If you choose the truck, well, you’re not alone. Most people think that some toys are for boys and some are for girls. We might pick building toys for boys and kitchen toys for girls. But why do we do this? Are boys and girls really born with different interests in toys?

No, they are not. Children start to show different interests in toys at age three, but only because at this time, they begin to learn about gender and to follow what others of their gender do. If you give a girl kitchen toys, she will think they are girls’ toys because she sees other girls playing with them. But if you give a girl a toy car and show her a group of girls who are playing with cars, she’ll play with the toy car and think it is a girls’ toy. Thiswatch and followhabit often becomes a rule for both boys and girls in choosing therighttoys.

However, this rule can be bad for children. Different toys teach children different things. Dolls help with their early language use, and building toys are good for learning math and science. By playing with different toys, children can find out what they are interested in or what they are good at. If they only play one kind of toy, they may lose this important chance. They may also get a wrong idea about what boys or girls are able to do. Some doctors worry that children may use the same kind of thinking when they look for jobs in the future. If they do, they may miss something more important than just getting a chance to play with different toys. They may miss many, perhaps better, chances in life.

gender 性別
What idea does Jesse Cohen talk about in the reading?
Not all kinds of toys are helpful for children’s learning.
Parents should give their children the right toys for their age.
Children should learn about their gender from playing with toys.
We should not let gender decide which toys children can play with.
In the third paragraph, why does Jesse Cohen thinkthis rule can be bad for children”?
paragraph 段落
Children may not want to share their toys with others.
Children may have the wrong idea about following rules.
Children may not be able to learn from playing with toys.
Children may miss the chance to find out what they really like.
In the reading, after Jesse Cohen talks about an idea, he often gives an example to make it clear. Below are four of the sentences in the third paragraph. Which is used as an example?
However, this rule can be bad for children.
Dolls help with their early language use, and building toys are good for learning math and science.
Some doctors worry that children may use the same kind of thinking when they look for jobs in the future.
If they do, they may miss something more important than just getting a chance to play with different toys.

Marie Colvin was a world-famous war reporter. She was born in New York, USA, in 1956 and died in Homs, Syria, in 2012.

When she was a student at Yale University, Colvin decided that she wanted to be a reporter in the future. She joined the Sunday Times, a UK newspaper, in 1985 and soon became its Middle East reporter. Besides the Middle East, she also reported from other parts of the world: Chechnya, Kosovo and Sri Lanka, for example. When she was reporting on the war in Sri Lanka, she lost her left eye. But that never stopped her. She still went to dangerous places that few reporters wanted to visit and stayed when others left.

Colvin showed great empathy in her stories. For her, war reporting was not just some quick interviews and a few photos. She wrote about real people and their real lives. Her writing made you feel so strongly about these people’s stories, just like they were your own. She hoped that through her work the world would understand what really happened in war, and would take action to stop the fighting.

On February 22, 2012, the day after she gave her report on the war in Homs, Colvin was killed when the house she was staying in was attacked. She always knew what price a war reporter might have to pay. She already lost an eye before. This time, she gave her life to the work she could not give uptelling the true stories to the world.

war 戰爭
What is the reading mostly about?
Marie Colvin’s war reports.
Marie Colvin’s working life.
Marie Colvin’s schooldays at Yale.
Marie Colvin’s experiences in Homs.
What does it mean when someone has empathy?
They are good at taking war photos.
They like to read other people’s life stories.
They are able to understand how other people feel.
They are good at helping people change their own lives.
Which is true about Marie Colvin?
The chance to study at Yale made her leave her job in the Middle East.
The experience in Sri Lanka did not change her way of reporting news.
She was killed in Homs when she was interviewing soldiers there for her report.
She was not sure what to do in the future until she worked for the Sunday Times.

Speaking American is a great book!

Lucia Leisure ★★★★★

I just love Josh Katz’s new book! It’s about 42 in different parts of the US. The information in the book was collected from the quiz that Katz built on the website in 2013. The quiz asked what words people use for something, and their answers showed interesting facts. For example, there are different names for sports shoes. In most parts of the US, people saytennis shoes.In the northeast of the country, people wearsneakers.In some towns, “tennis shoesandsneakersbecomegym shoes.

The use of words tells us where people are from, like Katz’s book says. But in my experience, it also shows 43. My family has lived in New York since my grandparents. It’s not surprising that I saysneakers.But my grandfather says “plimsolls,” and my daughter sayskicksorvans.Maybe Katz can study this difference for his next book.

website 網站
what things are called
how sports are played
why different languages are spoken
what words are often spelled differently
how old they are
who they speak to
where they grew up
whether they are men or women

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