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Buses to the airport only come once every hour, and we just missed     . Why don't we take a taxi?
When I was walking along the river, 1 saw some fish      out of the water.
to jump
are jumping
It is      for me to go to work by bus. My office is very near the bus stop.
The turtle is the animal my sister is most      of. She cries and runs away even when she sees a picture of one.
Mr. Lin usually      his restaurant with lights and flowers before the New Year.

Emma:      umbrella is it?

Sherry: It's Ann's. She forgot to take it home.

My daughter is much      now. The pants she wore last year are already too short for her.
I have no      in cooking so I always ask my brother to cook for me.
This water is too hot to drink. Let's put some      in it.
There is no      near the theater, so let's take the bus there.
bright light
fresh air
parking space
great food
Ed and Jill      camping this weekend, so they have to finish their homework by Friday.
are going
have gone
were going

Andy: Did Mary      that square watch?

Lucy: Yes, she just bought it.

has bought
You can't      Tasty Bakery's meat pie! It's so delicious that even some restaurants in town order it.
Judy moved to France and has lived there      two years. I miss her very much.

Sarah:      does your little sister get up?

Willy: About six.

How old
What day
How often
What time

Mr. Su: Sorry, I don't have enough money now. Can I pay with my     ?

Waiter: Sure.

birthday card
phone card
name card
credit card
If I finish my homework before eight o'clock, my parents will let me      TV for one hour.
to watch
have watched

Mom: Oh, no! Your sister forgot her sports shoes. When      she have PE class? Can you take the shoes to her school?

Peter: It's in the afternoon. Don't worry. I'll bring them to her.

Playing in the water      lots of fun on a hot summer day.
Now I often think of those days with Pip, my pet dog. When I read in my room, he      quietly beside me.
will come and sit
used to come and sit
comes and sits
has come and sat

If you sail between Hawaii and California, you’ll find a big part of the ocean, as big as Africa, covered with garbage. Most of the trash comes from the land, by wind or by water, and some is thrown straight into the sea. Most of the trash is plastic: plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic cans, and a lot more.

21? Some just stays in the sea, some is washed onto the beaches, and, worst of all, some 22. Many seabirds and sea animals that eat the trash in the sea die. Those that are lucky enough to live on may someday arrive on our dinner plate. What we throw away will all 23 one way or another.

Keep in mind what happens to trash, and you may think twice before you throw anything away.

ocean 海洋
Where does the trash come from
How does the trash arrive in the sea
Where does the trash go
How do we deal with the trash
stops seabirds and sea animals from growing up
goes down to the bottom of the sea and never comes up
fills the living space of seabirds and sea animals
enters seabirds’ and sea animals’ stomachs
come back to us
be useful to others
get out of our sight
be cleared up

Joyce: Can you help me take care of my roses? I’ll be away for two weeks.

Ryan: Are you crazy? Don’t you know I’m a flower killer?

Joyce: Why’s that? I remember you have a beautiful garden with all kinds of flowers. I think you’ve been taking good care of them.

Ryan: Not me. It’s my dad. He is good at growing trees and flowers. I think you should ask someone else for help. I’m really not the right person.

Joyce: But I’m leaving tomorrow morning! There’s no time to look for someone else. Please! All you have to do is to water my roses every two days. Here’s the key to my house.

Ryan: It’s just as easy as that?

Joyce: Yeah, just as easy as that!

Ryan: Well... will you kill me if anything goes wrong?

Joyce: Maybe, but I believe you’ll do just fine.

Why does Ryan say he is a flower killer?
He makes girls crazy for him.
He likes to pick up flowers.
He does not like to have flowers in his house.
He cannot keep flowers living long.
If Joyce’s roses are watered on the afternoon of May 5, when should they be watered next time?
On May 7.
On May 6.
On May 10.
On May 9.
Which is said in the reading?
Ryan’s father takes care of Ryan’s garden.
Ryan’s father has decided to help Joyce.
Joyce is going on business for two weeks.
Joyce has brought her roses to Ryan’s garden.
What can we learn about Buffy's friends?
Matt has experience of yard sales.
Albert thinks weather is important for yard sales.
Debby thinks things are cheaper online than at yard sales.
Jamie had a successful yard sale last week.
What do Buffy’s friends think about having a yard sale?
Albert and Matt think it’s a nice way to make friends.
Debby and Albert think it’s difficult to make money from it.
Jamie agrees with Debby that it’s a lot of trouble to prepare for it.
Matt agrees with Jamie that it’s a good chance to help people.

Wonderland is the hometown of minifishers. Because the winter there is cold, they go to warmer places for the winter and go back home the next spring to have their babies. Every year, hundreds of minifishers visit Starland. They stay there with their families for several months. They usually sleep during the daytime and wake up in the evening to look for food. Small fish are their favorite.

Minifishers were first found in Starland one hundred years ago. Now Starland has become their most important stopping place for the winter. But this could change soon because people in Starland are thinking of building factories near the minifishers' winter home. Minifishers are shy and do not easily change the way they live. Can we do something to help these friends from the sky? Though making money is important, people in Starland should know the lives of other animals are important, too. Let's work together to help them.

hometown 家鄉
shy 害羞的
though 雖然
What may a minifisher be?
A fish.
A food vendor.
A factory worker.
A bird.
Why do minifishers come to Starland?
The winter in Starland is warm.
Their babies are born in Starland.
They cannot find their way home.
They enjoy meeting people in Starland.
What does this mean in the second paragraph?
paragraph 段落
Building factories near Starland will scare away the minifishers.
The winter home of minifishers will be moved.
Starland is a good place for minifishers to spend the winter.
Minifishers were first found in Starland one hundred years ago.
What does the writer think of the idea of building factories?
The minifishers' winter home is a good place for new factories.
It takes too much money to build factories.
People should think about other living things before building factories.
The new factories will not be good for the people in Starland.

Bee and Butterfly live in Apple City on Fruit Island. There are five train lines on this island. Below is a map in the Apple Station. The number inside each station circle is the ticket price from the Apple Station to that station.

Bee and Butterfly are now at the Apple Station. They are going to Strawberry for the Honey Festival. What is the total cost they have to pay for their train tickets?
Bee and Butterfly will spend the night in Strawberry for the Honey Festival. The next day, they plan to visit a friend in Peach. How many train lines will they need to take that day?

Pearl, Joyce, and Steven are students in summer school. Mr. Green, Miss Chen, and Miss White are their teachers. Look at the poster of their summer school and answer the questions.

sunshine 陽光

Mr. Green: Hi, Pearl. It's time to go to the gym. What do you want to do during the free time?

Pearl: Well, I'm not going to play any ball games. My finger got hurt last time I played softball.

According to the poster, what can Pearl do in the free time?
Play computer games.
Play softball.
Go dancing.
Go swimming.

Miss Chen: Do you want to tell your friends what's happening in summer school?

Joyce: Now? But there's no telephone here.

Miss Chen: You can send them e-mails. Here, I'll show you.

According to the poster, where are Miss Chen and Joyce?
In the theater.
In the gym.
In Room 101.
At the beach.

Miss White: Look at the beautiful sea! Steven, come here! Give me your hand.

Steven: No, I'm afraid of water.

Miss White: Don't worry. I'll be with you all the time. The beach is safe and clean. You'll feel comfortable in the cool water.

According to the poster, when does this dialogue happen?
During the bath time.
In the swimming class.
During the free time.
In the bird watching class.

Below is what Josie wrote in her notebook.

Dec. 15

A very sad day. A school bus was hit by a truck. Many kids were badly hurt. A little boy lost his life. His mom was the kids’ teacher. We couldn’t bring her back, either.

Dec. 22

Lonnie said she’ll wear all white to the Christmas party. I said she’s lost her mind. We wear white all the time. Who would still want to wear white on Christmas Eve?

Dec. 25

People kept coming in and asked for our help because they got hurt. Why do people always do stupid things on holidays?

Dec. 31

The police brought in a young man who broke his leg when he was trying to enter a house. When taking care of his leg, I asked him why he wanted to enter another person’s house, and he said he just wanted to borrow a pot. But Officer Clarke said he’s been borrowing many pots from strangers’ houses.

Jan. 3

I knew my lunchtime was over when Howell came to my table. He’s a nice guy. But how many heads he’s cut open is the last thing I’d want to know when I’m eating beef sandwiches.

Where does Josie work?
In a restaurant.
In a police station.
In a school.
In a hospital.
Which is true about Josie?
She did not work on Christmas because she got hurt.
She does not like what Howell talks about at lunchtime.
She liked Lonnie’s idea about what to wear for the Christmas party.
She lost her little boy when the school bus was hit by a truck.
What do we know from the reading?
Lonnie did not want to go to the Christmas party with Josie.
The truck driver who hit the school bus died.
Officer Clarke did not think what the young man said was true.
Howell loves to have beef sandwiches for lunch.
leaves (單數為leaf) 葉子
What does the writer try to tell us in the reading?
To live is to love.
The earth is beautiful.
Life is short.
Love is crazy.
Which is NOT mentioned in the reading to say Life is a circle?
mention 提及
The sun.
The seasons.
The flowers.
The moon.

I had a horrendous experience last Saturday.

That day, my family went camping near a big lake. While my parents were preparing dinner, my brother and I were playing by the lake. A dirty man appeared from somewhere, and his face was half covered by his hair. He walked to us and asked for some water.

When I gave him water, the bag he carried dropped, and things inside fell out on the grass. I saw a rope, a knife, and a baseball bat. The strangest thing was that there were also a woman’s shoe and a ring, and I’m sure they were not his. The man quickly put all his things back in the bag and looked at us angrily. At that moment, the picture of a man the police was looking for came to my mind. He was the crazy killer! I was so afraid that I could not move at all.

Luckily, before he could get any closer, my mom shouted from far away, and the man hurried off into the dark.

while 當……之時
What happened in the story?
The writer’s family invited a stranger to dinner.
The writer’s brother ran to their parents for help.
A killer was caught by the police.
A man ran away after he heard the writer’s mother’s voice.
What can we learn about the writer and the man with a bag?
The writer did not find out who the man was in the end.
The man attacked the writer.
The writer followed the man into the dark.
The man did not want the writer to see things in his bag.
How do people feel when they experience something horrendous?

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