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It was important for Kevin      his homework quickly because he had to help his parents sell fruit in the night market.
to finish

Sarah:      does your little sister get up?

Willy: About six.

What day
How old
How often
What time

Mrs. Luo: Who put these socks in the refrigerator?

Mr. Luo: I don't know. They're not     . Ask your son.


Mom: What      after school today?

Ryan: Well, I just read some comic books.

are you doing
do you do
did you do
will you do
I've wanted to read The Diary of a Young Girl for months,      today I finally borrowed the book from the library.

Robert: Charles wanted to borrow $1,000 from me yesterday.

Mandy: You didn't lend him the money,     ?

did you
would you
didn’t you
wouldn’t you
Peter is afraid of the dark. He even leaves the      on when sleeping.
     other waiters in the restaurant have worked here longer than Clark; only Lois and Lana started working here before him.
The weather is nice and cool today. Let's go for a      on the grass and enjoy some food and drinks.
Getting up early on a cold morning is not easy,     ?
do you
is it
are you
does it
Look at the picture. What is the teacher holding in her hand?
A map.
A ruler.
An eraser.
A book.
The town looks very      now. It has changed a lot.
My father told me last night      we're going to the Food Festival this weekend. My brother and I felt very excited.
It almost killed Kevin to take care of his baby sister for one afternoon. He wondered how his mom could do      every day.
I can      you the book, but you have to give it back to me in three days.
I saw a traffic      on my way to school. Many people got hurt.
The woman who lives next door to Ken is a      to him. They have never met and he doesn't even know her name.
Ms. Johnson has been taking phone calls since she entered the office this morning. Just when she thought she could finally leave work,      call came in.
the other
the next
Willy found      the novel he bought last week was under his bed.
Tonight I'll stay at the office until I      the work.
will finish
am finishing
What can we learn from the note?
note 便條留言
Dara works at All for Art.
Mr. White has to call back.
Jack wants to see Mr. White soon.
All for Art has got what Mr. White wanted.
What is Sweet Cookies?
A video.
An art book.
A light meal.
A snack.

(At the beach)

Ben: Hi, Judy! I can’t believe you came to join us!

Judy: Hello, Ben. I came because I like your idea: when you give, you’re rich. I’m happy that I can do something for the Earth.

Ben: Right. That’s why we had this plan to get our clean beach back. Do you know if Paul’s coming? I remember he had the same idea and said he would try his best to come over.

Judy: But he just called and said he wouldn’t come today because it’s too hot.

Ben: I can’t believe it! He always says, “We can do this and that . . . .”

Judy: Don’t you know him? He only pays lip service to what should be done but seldom does anything.

Ben: I see. Let’s forget about him. We’ll have Tony and Sophie to help us soon.

Judy: That’s great. So where should we start now? Should we pick up those bottles first?

Ben: Sure, let’s go.

Why are Ben and Judy at the beach?
To go swimming.
To have a beach party.
To clean up the beach.
To learn about sea animals.
What does Judy mean by saying Paul pays lip service?
He is good at singing.
He enjoys eating.
He talks a lot but does little.
He kisses people to show his thanks.
Which is true?
Ben is surprised to see Judy at the beach.
Judy feels bad about going to the beach.
Paul comes to the beach in the end.
Tony and Sophie will not come to the beach.

Here is Danny’s science report for summer vacation.

7/1I planted some beans in the flowerpot Mommy used to grow sunflowers in.
7/6Nothing happened. I dug out the seeds, and they all were dark and smelled bad. Mommy said I gave them too much water. She helped me plant new seeds.
7/10Something green in the pot!
7/13Leaves! Leaves on five bean plants!
7/18Leaves or another three!
7/19The biggest one is like a giant looking down at his shorter brothers.
7/20One bean plant looks sick. Its leaves turned yellow.
7/23So HOT today! I wanted to move the pot into the living room, but Mommy said it was ok to leave it outside.
7/26Almost all the bean plants grew taller and bad more leaves. The biggest two stand together like they are holding hands.
7/28The sick bean plant died.
8/1Daddy helped me move my bean plants to the flowerbed in our backyard. Their old home is too small now.
8/17Flowers! Flowers! They are starting to have flowers!
8/20Bugs and bees and butterflies are flying around!
leaf (複數 leaves) 葉子
What do we know from the report?
Danny failed the first time he planted the seeds.
Danny planned to grow sunflowers at first.
Danny’s bean plants had yellow flowers.
Some of Danny’s bean flowers were eaten by bugs.
What does Their old home mean?
The backyard.
The living room.
The flowerpot.
The flowerbed.
There are some MISTAKES in one of the pictures Danny drew for his bean plants. Which is the picture he needs to draw again?
Below is an ad of a restaurant.

Tea Cottage Wants You!

Join us in Tea Cottagethe best Chinese restaurant in town. We are now looking for someone interested in working with us.

♦ 2 Cooks

  • At least two years’ work experience in a restaurant kitchen
  • Good at making Chinese dishes
  • Able to work on weekends
  • Work 16:00-21:00 every day (USD$600/week)

♦ 3 Waiters/Waitresses

  • At least one year’s work experience in cafés or restaurants
  • Part-time welcome
  • Work 11:00-15:00 or 16:00-21:00 (USD$16/hour)

♦ 2 Cleaners

  • No experience needed
  • Part-time welcome
  • Wash dishes, clean the kitchen
  • Work 12:00-15:00 or 17:00-22:00 (USD$12/hour)

We are also looking for singers and bands for Wednesday nights!

Call 213-333-6789 Ms. Wu!

ad 廣告
Four people have called Ms. Wu. Below are Ms. Wu's notes about the jobs they are looking for and their work experience.

Name Job Experience
Ronaldcleaner night-time clerk,
looking for a second job that he can do in the daytime
wanting to start her singing business at cafés or restaurants
Giorgiocook cook in a restaurant for three years,
excellent at making spaghetti and pizzas
Shumcleaner night school student,
no work experience, looking for a part-time job

Who would NOT get a call from Ms. Wu for an interview?

What can we learn about Tea Cottage from this ad?
The waiters will be paid over USD$60 a day for working during lunchtime.
They are looking for singers and bands for weekend music shows.
They need cooks who can work both at lunchtime and dinner time.
One who knows about tea-making has a better chance of working there.

Allen: Your new watch looks cool! May I take a look?

Lynn: Sure.

Allen: Wow! Look at the monkey on the face of it.

Lynn: Monkeys are one of my favorite animals. But the watch shows a different animal every month. Tomorrow is May 1, and it’ll be another kind of animal.

Allen: That sounds great! I want something like that. Where did you get it?

Lynn: Well, my uncle gave it to me last week. He bought it on a business trip in London.

Allen: Oh, that’s too bad.

Lynn: Maybe you can go check on the Internet.

Where was Lynn's watch bought?
In the zoo near her school.
On the Internet.
At a gift shop near her house.
In an English city.
What may Lynn’s watch look like on May 1?

If you enjoy reading, don’t miss Shakespeare and Company when you visit the city of Paris. It is a famous English-language bookstore on the left bank of the river Seine. The first Shakespeare and Company in history was opened in 1919 by an American, Sylvia Beach. Ms. Beach did more than sel1 books. Her bookstore was also a library, and she even prepared beds for writers visiting there. Ms. Beach was not only kind to people but also good at choosing books, so her bookstore was often visited by writers like Ernest Hemingway and James Joyce. But in 1941, after the Germans took power in Paris, Ms. Beach was told to close her bookstore.

In 1951, another American, George Whitman opened in Paris another English- language bookstore, Librairie Mistral. Since then, just as Ms. Beach did, Mr. Whitman has also made his bookstore a library for people to borrow books, and a free hotel for writers to stay in. To remember Ms. Beach, Mr. Whitman changed the name of his bookstore to Shakespeare and Company in 1964, two years after Ms. Beach died.

Next time when you are in Paris, don’t forget to visit this friendly bookstore, and see if you can spend a night there.

About Shakespeare and Company which is NOT talked about in the reading?
It prepares beds for writers.
It reads books to children.
It lends books.
It sells books.
What do we know about Mr. Whitman?
He used to work at Ms. Beach’s bookstore.
He opened a bookstore in 1951 to remember Ms. Beach.
He has followed Ms. Beach’s ways of doing business.
He was Ms. Beach’s neighbor.
Why was Ms. Beach’s business closed?
Her business went from bad to worse.
She died.
The Germans made her give it up.
She was asked to leave Paris.

Darrell: Marina…Marina…MARINA!

Marina: Oh, sorry. I didn’t hear you. I was thinking about my homework.

Darrell: What’s it about?

Marina: Well, I need to draw a future house for my art class, but I haven’t got any

ideas. Maybe I should go to the library and look for something useful.

Darrell: Or you can try Pinterest.

Marina: Isn’t it a shopping app?

Darrell: Not really. Many people share their works on Pinterest and tell you how

they made them. I’m sure you can get some ideas there.

Marina: Sounds like you use it often.

Darrell: Yeah. Just last week I went there and found the A to Z of making

chocolate cakefrom choosing good chocolate to baking the cake to making

sugar flowers on top.

Marina: Really? I’ll check it out later. Thanks a lot.

Why did Darrell tell Marina to go to Pinterest?
To find some examples for her homework.
To share her works and tell people how they are made.
To meet new friends who have the same interests.
To shop for things that are needed for art classes.
What does it mean when you learn something from A to Z?
You learn everything about it.
You spend all your life learning it.
You learn it in a baking class.
You can learn it at any time.

Alice: Can you go with me to Jill's bookstore? I need a notebook.

Ben: Now? It's too early. Today's Sunday. There is still one hour before it opens.

Alice: Oh! I forgot. Well, then, let's go to Hilda's. I'm a little hungry.

Ben: It's expensive to eat out. Why not stay for lunch? My mom is making hamburgers and fries.

Alice: Good idea. I love hamburgers and fries.

At about what time do Alice and Ben have the conversation?
7:00 in the evening.
2:00 in the afternoon.
11:30 in the morning.
8:30 in the morning.
What isHilda's” ?
A bookstore.
A factory.
A restaurant.
A cram school.

Billy: Roger and I are going to have dinner at Silver Hut. Do you want to join us?

Carl: When are you going?

Billy: Saturday.

Carl: I'd like to, but my sister and I are going biking in Rose Park this Saturday. Maybe next time.

Billy: Oh, OK. But you've been to Silver Hut, right? I always hear people say good things about it. Is it really that good?

Carl: Oh, yes. They have great tea, great snacks, and great music. Lots of high school students like to go there. Oh, don't forget to order the nomisini.

Billy: Nomisini? What's that?

Carl: It's a bag of chocolate balls with butter inside, and it tastes good with tea.

Billy: It sounds great. I can't wait for Saturday to come.

Which is true about Silver Hut?
It is popular with teenagers.
It is closed on Sundays.
It is inside a park.
It is a bicycle shop.
What is nomisini?
A game.
A song.
A drink.
A snack.
Why isn't Carl going to Silver Hut?
He does not want to go there with Billy.
He does not like the place.
He and his sister already have plans.
He has never heard of the place.

Isadora Duncan was born in America in 1877. She was a great dance teacher who enjoyed dancing at an early age, and even began teaching other children to dance when she was only six. Although Duncan herself stopped going to school at ten, she later had students from all over the world.

Duncan was called the mother of modern dance because she brought lots of new ideas into the dancing of her time. She believed that dance is life itself and comes from the heart. Duncan also said that dance belongs to everyone, rich and poor, young and old. That was why one time she did not agree to dance in a theater where the tickets were very expensive.

Duncan also surprised the people of her time by dancing in comfortable clothes and without shoes on. She broke the rules in many ways and gave dance a new language. Now people who are interested in modern dance are still getting new ideas from this great teacher.

What is the reading mainly about?
mainly 主要
The way of life in Isadora Duncan’s time.
The dance group Isadora Duncan started.
The history of American modem dance.
The dancing life of an American dancer.
What did Duncan think of dance?
It should be learned at an early age.
It is a hobby that needs strong shoes.
It shows how people feel.
It could be enjoyed more in a theater.
What does a new language mean in the reading?
New ideas about dancing.
A new kind of dance music.
New rules for selling dance tickets.
A new word for dancing.

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