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MTV Fashions More Hype ForThe HillsPremiere

Contest Gives Fans A Chance To Design Virtual Outfits For Hit Show’s Stars

source: Multichannel News


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MTV Wednesday announced a new contest to drum up even more interest for its hit series The Hills, giving fans an opportunity to design clothing outfits for Lauren, Audrina, Heidi and Whitney—the young starlets who live out the show’s soap opera-like storylines.

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 contest第四級[動詞] 競爭,角逐;爭辯; [名詞] 爭奪,競爭
 MTV第四級[縮寫] 音樂電視
 opera第四級[名詞] 歌劇
 outfits第六級outfit(裝備;配備;供給) 的第三人稱單數現在式; outfit(全套(工具、衣物等)) 的複數
 series第五級[名詞] 連續;系列
 virtual第六級[形容詞] 實質上的;虛擬的