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assert, contemporaries, coverage, credibility, declined, generated, merchandising, spotlight, tanning, vogue

Selling Lauren Conrad

The MTV reality star wants to build a brand around her image. First she has to prove her credibility.

source: 華爾街日報

蘿倫.康瑞特 自我推銷

這位MTV 真人秀的明星想要利用自己的形象來建立個人品牌。首先,她必須證明自己的可信度。

Related article: MTV Fashions More Hype For ‘The Hills’ Premiere

Lauren Conrad is famous for being on a reality show. But what she really wants is to run a merchandising empire.

Ms. Conrad, 22, is the star of "The Hills," the reality show that was MTV's highest-rated program last fall. For the past two years, cameras have captured her days as a fashion-magazine intern and nights as a club-hopper who flirts with guys and spars with friends. To translate her fame into a fashion career, she and her father have hired a team of Hollywood-industry advisers and signed several licensing and endorsement deals. The process isn't always smooth. The network that made her famous won't promote her enterprises on air. And Ms. Conrad, determined to assert her fashion vision, sometimes ignores the suggestions of her more seasoned advisers.

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 assert第六級[動詞] 斷言;堅持
 career第四級[名詞] 職業;生涯;歷程
 credibility第六級[名詞] 可信性;確實性
 empire第四級[名詞] 帝國
 enterprises第五級enterprise(企業,公司) 的複數
 fame第四級[名詞] 聲譽,名望
 licensing第四級license(許可,准許;發許可證給) 的現在分詞
 merchandising第六級merchandise(買賣;經營) 的現在分詞
 MTV第四級[縮寫] 音樂電視
 suggestions第四級suggestion(建議,提議) 的複數
 translate第四級[動詞] 翻譯